Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Visa benefits

See how to earn and spend Airpoints Dollars™ and take a look at all the other bells and whistles that come with having an Air New Zealand Airpoints™ credit card.

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Airpoints Low Fee Visa

Airpoints Platinum Visa

Airpoints Dollar™ earn rate on eligible purchases*

$200 spend = 1 Airpoints Dollar

$115 spend = 1 Airpoints Dollar

Your Airpoints Dollars won’t expire while you have a current Airpoints credit card


Airpoints Dollars Advance

Access in advance up to 100 additional Airpoints Dollars

Access in advance up to 200 additional Airpoints Dollars

Airpoints Dollars top up – buy additional Airpoints Dollars online for a fee


Earn Status Points

1 Status Point per $200 of eligible spend*

Built-in travel insurance1


Koru membership discounts

Pay no joining fee and get $145 off a standard one year Individual membership. Visit for more information.

This offer is only applicable to one cardholder per credit card account.

Visa Entertainment


Visa concierge service


On 24 November 2021 we stopped offering our Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Standard Visa. You can find information about rates and fees of this card on our products no longer offered page.

1Built-in overseas Travel Insurance is underwritten by Tower Limited and managed by AWP Services New Zealand Limited trading as Allianz Partners. If you arrange your insurance through Kiwibank, you need to know that Kiwibank Limited doesn’t guarantee the obligations of, or any products provided by Tower Limited or AWP Services New Zealand Limited.


Koru membership discounts

As an Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Platinum Visa holder, you (OR a joint OR an additional cardholder) get a Koru membership discount with your Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Platinum Visa. You:

  • won’t pay a joining fee on a one year Individual membership
  • will get a discount of $145 on the one year Individual membership fee.

For more information on Koru Memberships please visit

Please note this is only applicable for one individual card holder per credit card account, and only applies to the individual one-year Koru membership. It excludes all other Koru membership types: Corporate, Senior & Partner Renewal memberships.

Built-in overseas travel insurance

With an Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Platinum Visa you’ll get up to 40 days built-in overseas travel insurance, including cover for any immediate family travelling with you.

Find out more about travel insurance with your credit card.

Earning Airpoints Dollars

As well as earning Airpoints Dollars whenever you buy things with your Airpoints™ credit card, you’ll also earn them when:

  • you fly with Air New Zealand or their Airpoints™ partner airlines
  • you stay at Airpoints™ partner hotels
  • you rent Airpoints™ partner cars

See all the ways you can earn Airpoints Dollars.


You can only link one Airpoints™ account to a card — but if you’ve got a joint account, you can set up Shairpoints so you can both use the points you earn. You can pool points with other family members or friends, too.

Find out more about Shairpoints™.

Spending your Airpoints Dollars

You can use your Airpoints Dollars to pay for:

You can check your Airpoints Dollars balance anytime by logging into or by using the Air New Zealand app.

An “Air New Zealand flight” means a flight that is ticketed and operated by Air New Zealand and certain airline partner codeshare flights – please check for a full list of Air New Zealand’s airline Airpoints partners. Any applicable third party taxes, levies or surcharges can’t be paid for with Airpoints Dollars, unless the fare is a New Zealand domestic fare.

Customers who purchase international fares using Airpoints Dollars will be required to pay in cash, the government and airport costs. Please note that all fares that are purchased using Airpoints Dollars are not eligible for accrual of Airpoints Dollars and/or Status Points. This includes fares purchased using Airpoints Dollars that you have purchased via your Airpoints credit card.

Airpoints Dollars Advance

You get:

The advance amount will automatically appear in your Airpoints account balance. If you have a joint account, the advance points will appear in the primary cardholder’s account – set up Shairpoints™ to share points with your family.

When you use some of the advance, any Airpoints Dollars earned after that will repay your Airpoints Advance first, then start adding to your Airpoints Dollars balance.

For more information on Airpoints Advance check out

Airpoints Dollars Top Up

If you’re short a few points, you can buy a top-up from Click on 'Airpoints Dollars Top Up', enter the amount you need and your Airpoints credit card details. Your Airpoints Dollars balance will be topped up instantly.

There’s a fee for buying Airpoints Dollars. Airpoints Dollars purchases are non-refundable, so double check your purchase before you confirm!

For more information on Airpoints Dollars Top Ups check out

Concierge service

Air New Zealand Airpoints Platinum cardholders Visa and any joint or additional cardholders can enjoy exclusive personal assistance with services including restaurant and hotel reservations, event tickets, locating hard-to-find items, and buying and delivering gifts.

To arrange a Visa concierge service, please:

If you have questions about Air New Zealand benefits or Koru memberships, please contact the Koru contact centre.