A savings account that rewards good behaviour – earn bonus interest if you deposit at least $20 each month and don’t make any withdrawals.

Key features and benefits

  • Earn in interest if you don't make any withdrawals and deposit at least $20 in a month.

  • No account management or monthly fees.

  • Get one free withdrawal of any type per month, then $5 per withdrawal, and free deposits at a Kiwibank branch.

  • Set up and track your savings goals inside this account with Goal Tracker.

Rates and fees

Interest rate

Rate consists of base rate of plus bonus rate of , applied when no withdrawals and minimum deposit requirements are met

Account management fee


Withdrawals - automatic payment, direct debit, bill payment

One free withdrawal of any type per month, then $5 per withdrawal

Withdrawals at a Kiwibank branch

One free withdrawal of any type per month, then $5 per withdrawal

Deposits at a Kiwibank branch


Interest rates are subject to change.

How it works

Bonus interest

Fast Forward Saver rewards you with bonus interest each calendar month when you:

  • make no withdrawals or transfers;
  • and deposit at least $20, on or before the last business day of the month.

Just be aware, any interest earnt doesn't count as a deposit.


Base rate

Bonus rate

Total rate


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