In 2020 we went cheque-free, and in April 2022 we stopped accepting foreign cheques and international bank drafts. If you need support learning about payment alternatives, we’ve got resources and friendly specialists to help you.

We've gone cheque-free

  • From 28 February 2020, we stopped issuing and accepting domestic cheques.
  • From 29 April 2022, we stopped accepting foreign cheques and international bank drafts.

There are a number of ways we can help you with alternative payment methods, including Stepping UP digital banking workshops or our digital support hub. You can also read our frequently asked questions.

Other ways to receive international payments

To receive money from overseas you can use an International Money Transfer (also known as a Telegraphic Transfer). This is a faster and more secure alternative to receiving foreign cheques.

To receive a payment electronically instead of by cheque, you’ll need to contact the person or company sending you money and request a change in the payment method. You'll also need to supply them with some details including:

  • Your account name and number and physical address
  • Kiwbank details including our physical address and Swift code

Find out more about receiving money from overseas and all the information you'll need to supply.

Overseas pension or benefit payment by cheque

If you’ve been receiving an overseas pension or benefit payment by cheque from one of the countries below, you'll need to use an alternative way to receive these payments into your bank account electronically.

Australia and the United Kingdom

The two ways to receive pension or benefit payments from Australia and the United Kingdom are:

  • Special Banking Option
  • Direct Payment Option

You can learn more about these payment options and how to apply at

Canada and the United States

If you receive pension and benefit payments from Canada or the United States (social security payments), you can receive these by direct deposit to your account by completing the forms found on the links below:


  • Complete the Foreign direct deposit enrolment form found on the Public Services and Procurement Canada website:

United States

  • Complete the Direct Deposit Sign Up Form - New Zealand (SSA-1199-OP19), found on the US Social Security Administration website:

Once you download and complete the form, email it to to have it signed by a Kiwibank representative. When you receive the form back, submit it via the relevant website above.

Educate yourself about scams and safety

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