Fingerprinting service

We provide fingerprinting services that were previously offered by New Zealand Post. If you need to get your fingerprints taken, for an employment check or immigration reasons for example, you can get it done at a number of participating Kiwibank branches around the country.

Changes to our fingerprinting services

From 30 April 2023, we’ll no longer offer manual fingerprinting services.

How it works

Our fingerprinting service is done manually with an ink pad either on one of our pre-printed forms or you can bring in your own specific form.

What it costs

The fingerprinting service is $50 for one set of fingerprints. Each additional set will cost $30.

What you need to know

  • You need to book an appointment online.
  • Appointments are for one person at a time. If you're a family or a couple, you need to book separate appointments for each person.
  • Due to the nature of our fingerprinting service, if you're unwell or have been in contact with anyone who has travelled internationally within the last 14 days, we would appreciate you delaying your appointment. Please visit the Ministry of Health website for further information.
  • You must bring your passport with you or another form of suitable photo ID such as a valid recognised driver’s licence. Your ID must be current and valid. We can’t accept photocopies.
  • You need to know the fingerprinting template you need. We hold a form endorsed by the New Zealand Police and also an FBI template.
  • It can take a few times to get an acceptable print so make sure you’ve got extra time when you book.
  • Our team will need to physically help you and control the movement of your hands to capture your fingerprints.
  • If you need to scan your inked fingerprints, you’ll need to ensure that they're scanned with a high resolution scanner. Your local library or print shop may offer these services.

We'll only use the information you give us for the purpose of managing your booking – your personal information won’t be collected or stored for any other reason.

South African documents

Kiwibank can only provide fingerprinting services for some non-enabling South African documents, such as: visa applications, work permits, extensions to stay and police checks. Valid and/or current passport is the only acceptable form of Photo ID.

If you need fingerprints for other South African documents such as a passport renewal, you’ll need to visit the South African High Commission in Wellington. Please contact the South African High Commission in Wellington if you need more information or clarification.

Canadian documents

Police checks

The FBI form isn't appropriate for Canadian Police checks. Please make sure you bring in a Canadian Police form.


Kiwibank can't complete fingerprinting for Canadian Visa applications. Fingerprinting services for visas cannot be provided at Police Stations or our locations, nor can it be done at the High Commission in Wellington or the Consulate and Trade Office in Auckland. VFS Global is the only agency in New Zealand that's able to do fingerprinting for visas.

Please check the Canadian Immigration website before proceeding with your application.

Criminal record checks

Criminal record checks in Canada are administered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Canada only accepts ink fingerprints, your ink fingerprints will sent to an accredited fingerprint digitising company of the client’s choosing in Canada, who will submit the electronic version to the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services.

It's your responsibility to contact the accredited company and confirm which fingerprinting template must be used. Please bring this template with you to your appointment as we don't hold these in stock.

Japanese police clearance

You need to obtain a fingerprint form in advance from one of the following offices:

Australian Visas

Fingerprinting services for Australian Visa applications aren't available at Kiwibank branches or police stations.

To lodge a visa application for Australia in New Zealand, you'll need to attend an Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in person to provide biometrics unless you're excluded or exempted from the programme. For further information please visit

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Free replacement fingerprints

If your fingerprints are rejected due to poor quality fingerprinting, we'll replace your prints for free at any Kiwibank that offers the service, provided:

  • You can show a valid receipt.
  • You can show us the letter of rejection you received from the identification authority that you obtained the fingerprints for that clearly states the reason for rejection being due to poor quality fingerprints. You can either bring the letter into selected Kiwibank locations or email it to

This offer applies to fingerprints printed onto the Kiwibank template that's based on the New Zealand Police form and fingerprints printed onto the United States FBI form.

You’ll not be eligible for free replacement fingerprints if the form you selected when you had your prints taken wasn't acceptable to the identification authority you needed the fingerprints for, or if you altered the printed form in any way.

Please note that your application can be rejected for reasons other than non-compliant fingerprinting. We take no responsibility for these rejections.


Your hands can bear the brunt of a busy lifestyle or job and this can affect the quality of your fingerprints. Dry, worn down or rough skin, sweaty hands and other skin conditions can make it difficult for us to get a good quality set of prints.

To give your hands a bit of a pamper and make sure they’re at their best on the big day, we recommend:

  • If your hands are dry or rough, use a good quality moisturiser for at least a few days prior to having your prints taken and minimise your contact with detergents and other chemicals like harsh soaps and cleaning products.
  • Stay well hydrated prior to coming in to have your prints taken as this helps to plump out the skin.
  • Before you come in, thoroughly clean your hands by washing them using a mild detergent and patting them dry or air drying them. If you have dry or rough hands apply a moisturiser. If you have sweaty hands use an alcohol based hand sanitiser.
  • For eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions you’ll probably have recommendations from your health care professional. Use your prescribed treatment as directed.