What we stand for

We're creating a brighter future for Kiwi by taking action on the things that matter most to us — sustainable business, financial wellbeing, climate change, and inclusivity.

Running a sustainable & responsible business

We want to do the right thing by our customers and our beautiful country, so we work hard to operate responsibly and sustainably.

Building the financial know-how of Kiwi

We're committed to supporting our customers and the communities where we operate to improve their financial capability. We do this through our amazing partnerships, as well as how we design our products and services.

Taking a stand against climate change

We’re committed to reducing our emissions by 30% and working with customers to help them understand the risks and opportunities that climate change presents to all New Zealand.

Being inclusive

We want to uplift the wellbeing of our people and suppliers through a range of initiatives, from championing a diverse and inclusive workforce to ensuring our people and key suppliers are paid living wage.

Yes! We're B Corp™ certified!

Becoming B Corp certified means we’re doing the right thing when it comes to our people, customers, suppliers, community and environment.