Face to
Face with Kiwibank

Face to Face provides a hub of business insights to help you stay informed. Hear first-hand the future plan for Kiwibank Business Banking, discover insights on the global market and take advantage of our tips and tools to help your business succeed.

Future of business

Join our CEO, Steve Jurkovich, as he plots out Kiwibank’s future in the business sector and how we're making sure we're doing all we can to support you and your business.

Taking a greater role in business banking

Steve reveals the steps Kiwibank is taking to be more involved with businesses like yours and provide our country with better business banking.

The Kangaroo Dividend

Significant profits from Aussie banks are leaving New Zealand every year. Do you want to support that? Watch as Steve talks about moving the needle to support our local industry instead of the Kangaroo Dividend.

Our new home in Auckland

Our new location in Auckland will give us the opportunity to boost our presence and offering in the Auckland market for business banking customers.

Global market

Take a deeper look at the global market and what it could mean for you with Kiwibank's Chief Economist, Jarrod Kerr.

Explaining the dramatic changes in the global market

Learn from our Chief Economist why the global landscape of interest rates has changed so dramatically and what impacts these record-low interest rates have on our economy.

Population and property insights

Discover which direction property prices, rental yields and foreign investments are heading.

Supporting you and your business goals

Every business has different goals, and our goal is to ensure we do our part to make yours happen. Here's how we're helping awesome Kiwi businesses with their goals.

Helping you manage your business

Whether you're starting a business, looking at new opportunities or you’re after detailed advice, we’ve got tips and tools to make it easier for you to manage your business.

Business specialists - we're here to help

When you join us, you'll have dedicated business banking specialists who get what it takes to be in business and are on your team, and who will go above and beyond to help you succeed.

Panel discussion with the business experts

Watch as our business team answers probing questions from an audience of Kiwi business decision makers.

Is the Auckland housing bubble going to burst?

Are negative interest rates in our future?

What’s Kiwibank’s point of difference in the FX market?

If you were in charge of New Zealand, how would you build business confidence?