Our fearless leaders

The Kiwibank team is made up of 1600 people, working right across New Zealand. We’re a large and diverse team, all united in our purpose to make Kiwis better off. Our people are our greatest asset and, in our challenging and exciting market, it takes fearless leaders to inspire and motivate our team. Meet our Kiwibank Leadership Team, also known as KBLT.

Steven Jurkovich - Chief Executive

Steve joined Kiwibank in July 2018 as our Chief Executive. Born in New Zealand and raised between Paeroa and Auckland’s North Shore. Steve graduated from Otago University with a Bachelor of Law, and completed his MBA at the University of Sydney. He is married, with two daughters.

With over 20 years of banking experience, Steve’s career to date has included senior and executive leadership positions with accountabilities across Retail, Corporate, Commercial and Rural banking as well as online and legal.

Malcolm Bruce - Risk

"I know it’s a cliché but I really see that we’re building an asset for all New Zealanders. Kiwibank culturally is prepared to move quickly and accept change and strive to be better. I wanted to be part of that journey and help Kiwibank help Kiwis."

Malcolm heads up the Risk team, providing advice and support to ensure we operate commercially whilst minimising corporate risk. This ranges from assessing credit risks that fall outside of frontline approvals to providing oversight of Kiwibank’s market risk. Malcolm and the team provide the framework and support for managing risk across Kiwibank.

Danni George - People and Communications

"It’s an exciting time to be a part of an organisation that has deliberately set out to rethink and deliver on how it can contribute to creating a better New Zealand. In today’s world, where consumers and businesses are seeking more connected ways to manage and grow their finances, who better than us to make that difference."

Danni‘s area supports people and leaders throughout the employee lifecycle. From starting with us (like you), learning and developing, staying safe and getting paid – it all comes from this team. The team also includes Enterprise Communications, who manage a range of communication channels including our intranet, Workplace social platform, as well as dealing with media enquiries.

Gary Crawford – Business Advisory

"We have a great purpose, great people and great opportunities to do interesting work."

Gary’s area has a number of teams, with the largest being the Finance team. This area includes Group Tax, Procurement, our Economists, the Treasury team and the Workplace Experience Team, which includes Office Support.

Mark Stephen - Sales and Service

Mark has over 25 years’ experience in the banking and financial services industry, and joined Kiwibank in 2011. Mark’s career to date has included senior and executive leadership positions with accountabilities across Retail, Business and Commercial, Agribusiness, Financial Markets, Insurance, and Operations. Mark’s most recent role in Kiwibank is that of Acting Chief Executive.

Mark holds Post-Graduate, Bachelor, and Diploma level tertiary qualifications, is a member of the Institute of Directors, and is a Director on the boards of Kiwi Insurance Limited and Kiwi Asset Finance Limited.

Graeme Watt - Finance

"I enjoy being able to contribute to the caring of, and growing a significant asset to benefit all New Zealanders into the future."

Ian Burns - Kiwi Wealth

"I passionately believe that New Zealand needs its own Financial Services champion, so personally it is very motivating to contribute to something bigger than just banking, to know that through the clients we serve and the profits we make, we benefit the country as a whole."

Ian is CEO of Kiwi Wealth which offers a range of investment products and services to help our customers get ahead by planning and making provision for their future. The award winning team of 100+ people across the country, prides itself on its award winning user experience and have created a tool called “Future You”.

Mark Wilkshire - Marketing

"I work at Kiwibank because you can make a difference. We make decisions here and we exist for the benefit of New Zealand. Being part of something that has a clear purpose is pretty special."

Mark’s area is large and diverse, from creating marketing content, managing our products, to working with our awesome external partners including New Zealander of the Year and Banqer. The team also provides project and analysis expertise to support other teams across the organisation.

Mike Hendriksen - Legal

“There’s never been a more interesting time to work in this industry. So why not do it at the bank that’s best positioned to deal with the coming changes and get great outcomes for customers?”

Elliot Smith - Strategy and Innovation

“I didn’t just want to work for another bank. I want to work for a Kiwibank because they have the ability to make powerful and positive changes by genuinely making Kiwis better off. Kiwibank has huge potential and I’m excited to be a part of that journey.”

Our focus for the future

Our purpose is Kiwis Making Kiwis Better Off – that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. And because we’re a gusty team here, we’re aiming high with a winning aspiration to be recognised as THE leader in helping Kiwis make better financial decisions.

Your leader will go through our strategy in detail and how your role plays its part, however, as an organisation we’re geared up to deliver this by being:

All about customers

Faster and better

Uniquely Kiwi

How we’re making more Kiwis better off

Delivering awesome customer experiences

With one in every five New Zealanders banking with us and a top notch Net Promoter score, we’re pretty proud to be delivering great customer experiences through online and mobile channels, remote advisors, branches and our call centre.

We don’t sit on our laurels, we’re constantly innovating and learning to ensure every customer touchpoint enables our customers to make better financial decisions; whether it’s the purchase of their first home, saving for retirement, setting up their own business, insuring their car, managing their credit cards, everyday banking or investing, we’re side by side, all the way.

Our customer stories

Supporting our communities

We’re all about community, rolling up our sleeves and lending our hands to community initiatives. Whether it’s using our volunteer leave to support local charities, or investing our Better Backyards regional funds to support local initiatives, or helping our people to get active and fundraise for good causes close to their hearts. We want to make a difference to New Zealand communities, make more Kiwis better off and have some fun along the way.

Read more at inner.kiwi

Making real impact with our partnerships

Doing what’s right for New Zealand is part of our makeup and we partner with other Kiwi organisations to make a greater impact on our beautiful country. And it is truly a partnership, we’re not into slapping our logo on things and walking a way, we work side by side with our partners to help make a difference.

Our partnerships are making Kiwis better off through protecting our environment, building financial literacy, supporting social enterprise, helping our most financially vulnerable Kiwis and celebrating extraordinary Kiwis whose creativity and selflessness is bringing positive change to New Zealand.

Our partnerships

Keep in the loop

Once you've started there are loads of ways you can keep connected and updated at Kiwibank.

OurSpace - our intranet

OurSpace is our intranet and is your one stop shop for everything you need to know from internal news articles to 'how to' guides to how to get in contact with colleagues across the business.

We send out a weekly email with all the best bits from OurSpace for that week. This is an opt-in email.

Sign up now
Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is an enterprise social collaboration tool available only to internal Kiwi Group employees. It's not like regular Facebook - only people that work for Kiwi Group Holdings are able to access and use the site.

It’s a great place to drop in and see the latest from around the business and our branches. We’ve got a ton of uplifting stories from around the organisation, and a few cute cat photos as well.

To access workplace email workplace@kiwibank.co.nz and we'll arrange access for you.

Things we do

If you work in the frontline you'll receive weekly 'Things we do', which is a communciaiton about all the things that are coming up including campaigns, compliance, operational changes etc... Things we do makes it easy for our frontline to read and understand the information pertinent to them.

Knowledge cafes

Knowledge cafes are organised regularly by the Enterprise Communciations team and are a great way to get exposure to new ideas and inspiring people.

We have a wide range of guests that present at knowledge cafes such as Dr. Mark Bradford who talked about BeWeDō® which looks at how we bring people together in the workplace using a unique, motion-led creative leadership. Or Melissa Clark-Reynolds, a NZ Entrepreneur with an impressive resume and was appointed as an Officer of The New Zealand Order of Merit for her services to the technology industry.

We also have great internal speakers who give insight into their background and careers, as well as important updates from the business.

All knowledge cafes can be watched live through Workplace so it doesn't matter where in the country you are. For updates on the latest knowedge cafes, or to watch previous ones, head to workplace.

Find out more about the other companies

We were made by New Zealanders who want to believe, like we do, that this is the best country in the world. A place chock full of talent, so beautiful it can make your heart sing. A place where you want your kids to group, full of beans, fresh air and big ideas. A place that has it all. The envy of elsewhere, we believe this should be a country where everyone feels they can achieve and have a good life and you don't have to go overseas to 'make it'. We are ambitious for New Zealand. We want it to grow to be a strong place where businesses invest, and people see their future. We believe we can make it happen. - Creed