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Back in 2002, we launched with a thought: New Zealand needs a better banking alternative — a bank that provides real value for money, that has Kiwi values at heart, and that keeps Kiwi money where it belongs —right here, in New Zealand. With post services declining an idea was born to create a 100% New Zealand owned Bank set up through the our PostShop network. Kiwibank started as seven people in a room and has, in a very short time, grown to over one million customers.

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Kiwi Wealth

Kiwi Wealth are a 100% New Zealand owned and operated, investment management business, helping Kiwi save and invest through our KiwiSaver scheme, Managed Funds, Superannuation scheme and our Private Portfolio Service.

Kiwi Wealth (previously named Gareth Morgan Investments) was founded by economists Dr. Gareth Morgan and Andrew Gawith in August 2000. In 2012 Kiwi Group Holdings purchased Kiwi Wealth.

Kiwibank and Kiwi Wealth work closely together and share some support services such as HR and Learning and Development. The CEO of Kiwi Wealth sits on KBLT.

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New Zealand Home Loans

Established in Hamilton on 26 November 1996 by founders John Erkkila and Murray Ferguson, NZHL has grown from a single franchise in Wellington to a 220-strong team operating through 78 offices across New Zealand, spread from Dunedin to Whangarei.

NZHL is 100% New Zealand owned and operated with its parent company being Kiwi Group Holdings Limited. In 2006, Kiwi Group bought 51% of NZHL shares which has been gradually increasing and in July 2012 we attained 100% shareholding in the company. NZHL accounts for over 30% of our new lending.

NZHL employees are not employed under Kiwibank and is run as a separate entity.

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