The gang want to say 'hi'

Hey. Hi there. Kia ora. Hello! Nice to meet you. We want your first week (and beyond!) to be a great experience, so we’ve pulled together a couple of important bits of information that will make it easier for you as you step into our world. We don’t want to overwhelm you, but hey, you’re never more curious about your new place of work than right now, right?

Meet the family

You may not know this but our parent company is Kiwi Group Holdings (Kiwi Group Limited, or KGH for short). Kiwi Group Holdings is a state owned group that has a number of companies, each providing financial services across New Zealand. Check out our family tree below…

How the family grew

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Find out more about the companies

We were made by New Zealanders who want to believe, like we do, that this is the best country in the world. A place chock full of talent, so beautiful it can make your heart sing. A place where you want your kids to grow up, full of beans, fresh air and big ideas. A place that has it all. The envy of elsewhere, we believe this should be a country where everyone feels they can achieve and have a good life and you don't have to go overseas to 'make it'. We are ambitious for New Zealand. We want it to grow to be a strong place where businesses invest, and people see their future. We believe we can make it happen. - Creed