Responsible Business Banking policy

We're putting the interests and values of Kiwi ahead of short-term business considerations, backed by the belief that this will have a positive impact on New Zealand, its people and environment, as well as our business over years to come.

A policy commitment

We want to contribute more than just words. We've drawn a line in the sand with our Responsible Business Banking policy.

This policy outlines our commitment to protecting the best interests of New Zealanders and the environment. We'll withhold banking services from entities that are directly involved in or that get the majority of their business revenue from the following sectors.


Businesses involved in:


Operating a casino.

Fossil fuels

Extraction, production and manufacturing of coal, oil and gas.

Military grade weapons

  • Military grade weapons
  • Weapons prohibited by the NZ Police
  • Cluster munitions
  • Nuclear weapons and nuclear explosive devices
  • Anti-personnel mines, and landmines
  • Depleted uranium weapons
  • Chemical and biological weapons
  • Componentry intended for use in military grade weapons or any weapon described above.

Non-medicinal and recreational drugs

  • Synthetic drugs including cannabinoids and cathinones
  • Psychoactive herbal products
  • Psilocybin mushrooms and spores
  • Hallucinogenic substances including kratom.

Please note, this policy does not apply to businesses who are legally permitted to produce and sell medicinal cannabis and hemp.

Palm oil

The manufacture and production of raw palm oil. This policy does not apply to members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Predatory lending

Short term, high cost, finance companies.


Growing and production of tobacco and the manufacture of tobacco products.

We'll also require our customers with businesses in the following sectors to produce evidence of their compliance with and performance of harm minimisation practice:

  • Adult entertainment including strip clubs, brothels and the filming, production and publishing of pornographic material
  • Wholesalers, distributors and retailers of alcohol though an off-licence
  • Class 3 and 4 gambling entities (gaming machine operators and higher stakes lotteries and sweepstakes)
  • Wholesalers, distributors and retailers of tobacco and tobacco products.

People who work for these businesses can still bank with us.

We know we've got more work to do but we believe this policy is a move in the right direction. We'll continue to improve the way we do things, the processes we have in place and the products and services we use as a business. We've also got targets in place including reducing our own carbon emissions.

This policy will be regularly reviewed, so it’s always aligned with the expectations of our customers and the public.

Download the Responsible Business Banking policy.