Kiwibank supports customers impacted by flooding with financial relief options


Our thoughts are with those currently affected by the North Island flooding. If you've been financially impacted by the flooding, Kiwibank is here to help and support you with a range of initiatives.

We're offering support to customers impacted by the North Island floods - get in touch by calling 0800 113 355. If you have house, contents or car insurance with Kiwibank through Ando and are needing to make a claim, phone 0800 222 491. For branch locations & hours, see our branch locator.

Below are some of the ways we might be able to help ease some of the financial pressure you may be experiencing. The exact support we can offer you will depend on your personal circumstances and if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Financial support for individuals

Home loans
  • Reducing your repayments
  • Changing to interest-only repayments
  • Repayment deferral.
  • Early access to your Term Deposit or Notice Saver funds
  • KiwiSaver hardship withdrawal.

Credit cards
  • Reducing your repayments
  • Changing your card type
  • Disputing transactions.

Financial support for businesses

Temporary or interest-only lending
  • You may be eligible for a temporary additional overdraft for up to 180 days or for interest-only business lending for up to six months.
Repayment deferral
  • You may be able to defer payments on your business lending for up to six months.
Early access to invested funds
  • You may be able to access your Term Deposit or Notice Saver funds early.