Kiwibank announces Google Pay integration


Kiwibank card holders can now add their cards to Google Pay to make payments on Android devices, giving them the freedom, choice and added security of being able to pay for everyday items in store, online and within some apps.

Kiwibank Chief Executive, Steve Jurkovich, said he was delighted with the addition of Google Pay which has been keenly anticipated by customers.

"Our Kiwibank teams have been putting in a huge amount of work to deliver our transformation over the past few years which ensures we can offer innovative, safe and secure banking options like digital wallets for our customers, and in doing so become the bank of choice for even more Kiwi."

Customers told us how excited they would be with new, convenient ways to pay on their phones so we know Android users will be pleased with this integration of Google Pay today.”
Steve Jurkovich, Kiwibank Chief Executive

Contactless payments using mobile wallets are a safe and secure way to pay. Mobile wallets will provide Kiwibank customers with freedom and flexibility to make secure transactions with their phones, in store or online. Find out more about our mobile wallets.