Kiwibank waives money transfer fees for Tonga relief


Kiwibank is removing international money transfer fees to Tonga for those customers wanting to support family and loved ones or donate to the tsunami relief effort until 31 March 2022.

The reimbursement of the fee will apply to payments made from a Kiwibank bank account to a Tongan bank account.

"New Zealand has strong connections with Tonga and many people will be wanting to contribute to the relief effort. This fee waiver will help the flow of donations to the communities, friends and families that need it urgently," said Kiwibank Chief Customer Officer for Retail Mark Stephen.

Customers should note, although the fee will still be deducted at the time the payment is made, it will be reimbursed back into the customer’s account within three business days. There also may be fees deducted from the amount transferred by other banks involved in the payment process and these can vary from bank to bank.