Commerce Commission settlement


On 27 August 2020 the Commerce Commission and Kiwibank agreed that Kiwibank would pay $5.2m to customers to settle issues relating to Kiwibank's home loan variation policies, procedures and systems for certain types of changes requested by borrowers to their home loans.

The payment will be made to just over 48,000 customers who made simple changes to their home loan contracts, such as re-fixing their interest rates or changing their repayment amounts, in the period before April 2019.

“We proactively identified the issue and reported it to the Commerce Commission, and we have worked constructively since then to resolve it,” said Kiwibank Chief Executive Steve Jurkovich.

“We apologise to customers and would like to reassure them that our systems and processes have been improved to ensure we deliver good customer outcomes.”

Kiwibank will start contacting customers who are due payments under the agreement shortly. Customers do not need to do anything before then.