Final countdown for Kiwibank cheques


Kiwibank is encouraging customers to bank any remaining cheques they might have before it goes cheque-free from 28 February 2020.

Kiwibank announced in May 2019 that it was going cheque-free as cheque use declined and customers moved to faster, safer and cheaper ways to pay and get paid.

“Since we announced our plans to go cheque-free we’ve seen a steady decline in the number of customers writing cheques. Over the nine-month transition period we’ve contacted all known cheque users and we continue to work with those still using them to ensure they are ready for the change,” said Kiwibank chief customer officer Mark Stephen.

“With only four weeks left to deposit a cheque at Kiwibank, we want to make sure our customers, particularly those who rarely use cheques but might receive a once-a-year bonus or dividend payment, are not surprised when we go cheque-free.”

Kiwibank is confident large cheque issuers are aware of its move to go cheque-free and of the many faster and cheaper options that can be used instead of a cheque. The New Zealand-owned bank is also encouraged that there will be less hassle for customers as more large organisations reflect the significant change in customer preference and are also going cheque-free.

“We’d like to remind our customers cheques are not legal tender in New Zealand, they are instead a method of payment. If you owe someone money or want to pay for some goods or services, the receiver is not obliged to accept a cheque. Cash, as in notes and coins are the only legal tender in Aotearoa.

“Customers who receive cheques after 28 February 2020 will need to contact the issuer and ask them to make a payment directly into their bank account or by cash. If you receive regular payments by cheque, we suggest you contact the issuer to set up a direct payment.

“For non-Kiwibank customers who still write cheques, we’d encourage them to ask the person or business they need to pay if they accept cheques,” Mr Stephen said.

Over the past nine months Kiwibank has supported thousands of customers to transition to alternative payment options.

“We’ve had an overwhelming positive response to the support we’ve offered. Over 1,800 customers have worked with our teams in branch to transition to faster, safer and cheaper payment options.

“Many customers have told us it was surprisingly easy, and they wish they had had the confidence to move to alternative payments sooner,” Mr Stephen said.

Kiwibank teamed up with Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa to bring Stepping Up online banking courses to communities around the country as well as supporting DORA (Digital on Road Access), a WiFi enabled bus that provides online banking training to more remote communities.

Find out more about the cheque changes and Kiwibank’s cheque-free support.

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