Kiwibank partners to enable greater digital inclusion


Kiwibank is partnering with Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa and supporting its Stepping UP initiative to empower more Kiwis to access cheaper, faster and safer financial products and services.

Stepping UP provides free, community-based training that works to build digital skills and knowledge in small, easy steps. Kiwibank has worked with Stepping UP to design and develop online banking training that will empower people, no matter who they bank with.

“When Kiwibank was first created, we asked New Zealanders to ‘join the revolution’, and they did. Seventeen years later, we’re enabling those that haven’t already, to ‘join the digital evolution’,” says Kiwibank CEO Steve Jurkovich.

“Like most industries, banking is being disrupted by technology. Online tools can offer a more convenient and cheaper customer experience, but there can be barriers to usage. This new partnership is about making sure all Kiwis have the same opportunity to access these cheaper and faster financial products and be confident they are doing it securely.

“We want to grow the confidence and competence of Kiwis to move online, as well as reducing those barriers that might prevent people from different age groups, geographic regions, income levels, disability status and ethnicity, from using digital technologies.

“Making Kiwis better off is what Kiwibank has always been about. We partner with our customers, so they can make better long-term financial decisions and we encourage them to build their financial literacy. By partnering with Stepping UP, we’re ensuring Kiwis are equipped to make the most of what is available to them in a world that is rapidly changing.” Jurkovich says.

Laurence Zwimpfer, Chair of Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa, welcomes the new relationship with Kiwibank. “We know that a lot of people, especially the elderly, have concerns about going online and this new digital banking module will help to give them the confidence to give it a go. The online world opens up so many new possibilities and we don’t want to see anyone missing out,” he said.

The new, free banking workshops will be piloted in a several regions before going nationwide through Stepping UP’s 120 community partners. Training venues include public libraries, schools, and community centres around the country.

Kiwibank is also working to launch a Digital Skills Hub on its website and will host free Tech Tea events at branches for customers who are keen to go a step further and learn about using Kiwibank’s online banking tools. These will be available from next month.

To find out more or register your interest, visit our Stepping UP page.

Media enquiries contact: Kiwibank External Communications Manager - 027 475 3521