We smashed it New Zealand - thank you for caring


Kiwibank’s charity Facebook frame hit its target this morning with more than 50,000 people now sporting the I AM HOPE frame on their profile pictures and $50,000 now on its way towards the Gumboot Up New Zealand fundraiser.

Kiwibank is proudly partnering with the 2019 Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Mike King and the I AM HOPE organisation to help raise awareness of depression and promote Mike’s new fundraising initiative Gumboot Friday on 5 April 2019.

Gumboot Friday aims to raise funds to help provide access to free and timely counselling services for Kiwi kids who need it.

“This clearly matters to New Zealanders,” said Kiwibank Brand Manager Kim Waghorn.

“The fact it has taken off shows how many people care. Gestures count, and this simple campaign has inspired people to act.”

“Kiwibank has committed $50,000 to the cause but our support won’t stop here. As one of the partners of Gumboot Friday, we’ll be empowering our staff and all New Zealanders to join the gumboot wearing movement.”

If people are wanting to act before April 5 they can donate to the Key to Life Give-a-little page. Key to Life is the umbrella trust for I AM HOPE and the Gumboot Friday fundraiser.

2019 New Zealander of the Year Mike King said: “This is as much about building the conversation and empowering people as it is about fundraising. Kiwis have stepped up and shown they really care.

“The Give-a-Little donations are coming in so fast I don’t have time to count them! We have had nearly one thousand donations in the past 24 hours from one dollar to one hundred dollars. So, thank you New Zealand you are truly amazing.

“People can be suspicious about how much of their donation goes to the charity and how much goes towards administration costs. We have set Gumboot Friday up to make sure that every cent goes to what really counts, in this case the health professionals who provide counselling services for our young people.

“Our goal to give parents and kids peace of mind and the ability to access support, when they need it, is looking totally achievable,” Mr King said.

Link: Kiwibank Facebook post announcing we've reached our 50K target.

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