Do Kiwis save it, spend it, experience it, or share it?


New Zealand men are more likely to save their hard earned cash and millennials spend it according to the results out today from Kiwibank’s money personality quiz.

Freedom Seekers are more likely to live in Tasman or Marlborough, Power Spenders on the East Coast and generous sociable sharers are more likely to live in the North Island than the South.

Group Manager Marketing at Kiwibank, Mark Wilkshire said results from the money personality quiz are even more revealing when you consider a person’s primary and secondary money personalities together.

“We have found the most prevalent money personality combo is a primary Security Saver and secondary Freedom Seeker which backs up the kiwi aptitude for travel. It also indicates kiwis are good at setting goals and achieving them,” he said.

“Rarest of all money personalities for Kiwis is a primary Freedom Seeker with a secondary Sociable Sharer. You will know this type for their generosity as they move in and out of your life and you’ll be best to keep up with them by following their Instagram feed.”

There have now been well over 140,000 quiz completions to the test that formed the basis of TVNZ’s second season of Mind Over Money with Nigel Latta.

“Making better and more considered decisions when it comes to finances relies on having a clear understanding of why we do the things we do with money,” Mr Wilkshire said.

“Building a better understanding of what drives our financial behaviour is the best way to improve financial literacy, and we see it as a key way for Kiwibank to deliver on our core purpose of making Kiwis better off.

Season two of Mind Over Money is available to view on TVNZ OnDemand. Find out what your money personality is at

Quiz completions – 143,474

Primary money personality breakdown:

  • Security Saver – 56.33%
  • Power Spender – 30.97%
  • Freedom Seeker – 7.46%
  • Sociable Sharer – 5.25%

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