Kiwibank Quickpay Launch


Kiwibank business customers will now be able to “get paid anywhere, anytime” thanks to the bank’s new mobile payment solution, Kiwibank QuickPay.

Launched this week, Kiwibank QuickPay is a mobile payment app and device combo that will enable businesses to take card payments from their customers quickly and easily.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, Kiwibank QuickPay enables businesses to take “on the spot” Visa, Mastercard and EFTPOS card payments by either tapping, inserting or swiping the customer’s card.

The in-built product catalogue feature allows businesses to create and maintain an online product catalogue, providing easy access to all of their products and services, and calculates the purchase total when taking a payment.

They can generate digital quotes, invoices and receipts and email them direct to their customers.

With transaction history available within the app, they can find a previous invoice for payment, process a refund or resend a receipt to their customer – all within the app.

The best part is that anyone in the business can use Kiwibank QuickPay. Invite them through the app and once they’ve downloaded the app and registered their details, they’re in business.

Nigel Gaudin, General Manager Business Banking and Specialist Markets said about this one-stop-shop mobile payments solution. “Kiwibank QuickPay is what our small business customers need in this rapidly changing environment. We believe that QuickPay gives them all of the features and benefits they need to take payments on the spot and on the go, and provides a seamless payment experience for their customers.”

Kiwibank QuickPay is perfect for the traditional ‘mobile’ business customer who requires a mobile payment solution including: tradespeople, onsite service providers, niche retailers, clubs and societies, and those who are self-employed. QuickPay is also great for existing businesses that have mobile staff, or for businesses that have occasional payment requirements, such as charities or seasonal businesses.

Mark Wilkshire, Group Manager Marketing said, “ the product aligns with our digital strategy, is competitive in its offering and is a win for our Business customers .”

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