Kiwibank ATM machines targeted by criminals


Two Kiwibank ATM machines have been affected by skimming devices that capture information from customers’ bank cards. The machines are located in Courtenay Place in Wellington and Marewa in Napier. Both machines have now been declared free from any devices and are fully functional.

Customers who used the machines during the compromised periods (Courtenay Place on 16th – 20th of February and Marewa on the 19th to the 22nd of February) have either been notified by their banks, or are in the process of being notified. In most cases their cards will have been cancelled and replaced and banks will ensure their accounts remain safe. Some funds have been removed via overseas terminals using the information gained from the skimming devices, but this is currently being reimbursed to all the affected customers’ accounts.

Banks throughout the world are affected from time to time by this type of crime, but take measures to protect their customers as much as possible.

The total number of all bank customers affected from having used the two machines is about 1500, about half of them being Kiwibank customers.

Bruce Thompson, Communications Manager (04) 460 6831