Mobile banking reaches Kiwi businesses


Kiwi businesses can now do the banking they need most while out of the office thanks to a new mobile banking application recently launched by Kiwibank Business Banking.

Kiwibank’s head of Business Banking, Mark Stephen, said the new application was the only one designed to do the things businesses owners most need to do while on the road.

“This is real mobile banking, not just your normal online banking squeezed onto a small screen.

“We’ve designed it based on feedback from actual business owners and managers about the things they need to do to run their business when away from a computer.

“The most common activities are making account transfers, checking the status and transaction listings of multiple accounts, and approving pending payments. Our mobile banking gives priority to real-life mobile banking activity because our aim is to remove the day-to-day niggle of banking so people can get on with the more important aspects of running their business,” Mr Stephen said.

He said if business owners also had personal banking accounts with Kiwibank, they were able to switch in the application seamlessly between their personal and business accounts.

“Business owners want equal treatment and recognition of all their business with a bank. So switching between those accounts without logging out and back in, is the sort of helpful touch they expect of us.”

The authorisation system allows essential transactions to carry on even when the owner is not in the office to authorise payments. Over the next few weeks, the system will also be able to be set up to notify owners when payments need to be approved, so they can get on with business, or holiday, until the banking tasks are necessary.

The application’s features also include the ability to look at foreign exchange rates, and to view and approve transfers, batch, multiple and international payments. For business owners that have multiple businesses, as well as accounts for Trusts, the application allows them to look across all the accounts of their different businesses without logging in and out.

Contact: Bruce Thompson, Communications Manager, Ph: 04 – 460 6831