We’re always keen to get a better understanding of our customers, so Kiwibank has joined with several other major banks to support my2cents, an online research community.

What is my2cents?

my2cents aims to understand what Kiwi think about banks and financial services, and how we can better serve our customers.

We've asked some of our customers to take part in my2cents research and share their thoughts and insights. If you’ve been selected, you will have received an emailed invitation. This invitation takes you to an online profiling survey, where you’re asked to tell us a bit more about yourself, which helps us work out if you’re eligible to take part.

If you do sign up, you’ll be asked to take part in surveys, online discussions or focus groups to share what you think about us and the financial services industry in general.

Your input will give us better insight into what our customers want and need from us, so thanks in advance for taking part.

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