Manaaki: an online business advisory platform

We've partnered with Manaaki, an online business advisory platform, for small Kiwi businesses who've hit a roadblock or need some help doing business.

The Manaaki story

When COVID-19 came to Aotearoa, it hit our New Zealand small businesses hard. All of a sudden, they're facing completely new challenges: how to negotiate with landlords and telcos, how to pay their staff or how to sell online. Kiwi businesses didn’t have connections to lawyers, industry pros or CEOs to solve their problems unlike the big guys. That didn’t seem fair – so a little start-up decided to do something about it and Manaaki was born.

The beauty of Manaaki is in its name. It’s a uniquely Māori concept of uplifting someone else’s mana. And that’s what their experts do – put their fellow Kiwi first and empower them with the know-how to get out there and get on with business.

How Manaaki supports Kiwi who do business

Manaaki makes unreachable business experts accessible. It’s a community of Kiwi who do business – a forum where Kiwi small business owners can ask for help, over 200 of the biggest names in business are available to give them advice for free.

Forget two degrees of separation. You’ve got a direct line to the business minds behind Charlie’s, Xero, Lewis Road Creamery, Bookabach and more. There’s nothing more Kiwi than that.

If you’ve come up against a roadblock or you’ve got a question about doing business, visit Make an account, post your question in the forum and you’ll get at least one answer from their experts within a day. Once you’re happy with the answer, you can get right back to doing your thing.