Why Notice Saver?

  • $2,000 minimum balance to earn interest.

  • Add money anytime.

  • Just give 32 or 90 days’ notice to make a withdrawal — you choose the notice period when you set up your Notice Saver.

  • No monthly account management fee or transaction fees.

  • Choose to have your interest compounding or paid out monthly.

How it works

  • You can’t link your account to a card or cheque book — give notice to withdraw some or all of your funds by making a transfer in internet or phone banking, and the money will be transferred into your nominated account after the notice period is up.
  • Transfer money in from any other Kiwibank account using internet or phone banking.
  • You can change your notice period in internet banking.

What it costs

See our transaction account, savings accounts and investments fees.

Kiwibank Notice Saver rates of return are not fixed. Units in Kiwibank Notice Saver are distributed by Kiwibank and are issued by Kiwibank Investment Management Limited. Download the Terms and Conditions for Kiwibank Notice Saver (PDF 52.0 KB) (PDF 46 KB), or pick up a copy from your local Kiwibank.

Download Kiwibank’s Disclosure Statement (PDF 913.8 KB) or pick up a copy at your local Kiwibank.