Why Business Online Call?

  • $2,000 minimum balance to earn interest.

  • No monthly account management fee.

  • No fixed term — transfer money in and out whenever you need to.

  • Earn bonus interest if you don’t make any withdrawals during the month.

  • Make 100 free deposits a month before you're charged.

  • PIE option available — ask us if it might be right for you.

  • Transfer money in using internet or phone banking or at your local Kiwibank.

Interest rates

Business Online Call rewards you with bonus interest each calendar month when you:

  • make no withdrawals or transfers; and
  • have a minimum balance of $2,000 in your account at any time.


Base rate

Bonus rate

Total rate

What it costs

See our transaction account, savings accounts and investments fees.

Service fees may apply. Units in the Kiwibank PIE Online Call Fund are distributed by Kiwibank and are issued by Kiwibank Investment Management Limited. Download the Terms and Conditions for Kiwibank PIE Online Call Fund (PDF 87.1 KB), or pick up a copy from your local Kiwibank.

Download Kiwibank’s Disclosure Statement (PDF 4.2 MB) or pick up a copy at your local Kiwibank.