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With a Kiwibank QuickPay® device you can take EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard® payments through a smartphone. This is getting paid anywhere, anytime. 

Key features and benefits

  • Manage your business using a secure smartphone app in conjunction with a Kiwibank QuickPay device.

  • Take card payments on the spot.

  • Accept contactless payments

  • Issue paperless receipts or invoices.

  • Accept EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard­® payments in different ways: contactless, swipe, chip and dip payments.

  • Create an online catalogue.

  • View and track payments in real time as well as transaction history.


Set up fee for a first device


Set up fee for an additional device


Monthly merchant service fee


Device replacement fee


Monthly support fee per device


How it works


Setting up and troubleshooting

How do I turn on or turn off the Kiwibank QuickPay device?

To power on the terminal press the side key located on the right hand side of the terminal.

To turn off the device, press and hold '-' and 'Clear' buttons. This action is only possible when the device is not in charging mode. If it's in charging mode then the device will restart.

What mobile devices does Kiwibank QuickPay work on?

The Kiwibank QuickPay App is compatible with Apple smartphones that support operating system iOS 9 (iPhone 5) and above, and Android smartphones that support Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.

For Apple smartphones, the Kiwibank QuickPay App also requires:

  • Resolution of at least 540 pixels x 960 pixels

For Android smartphones, the Kiwibank QuickPay App also requires:

  • Screen size of at least 5 inches
  • Resolution of at least 540 pixels x 960 pixels

To check compatibility with your smartphone you can download the Kiwibank QuickPay App from the Google Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS.

What if Kiwibank QuickPay isn't working?

If you can't get Kiwibank QuickPay to work, check the following:

  • Is your Kiwibank QuickPay device turned on?
  • Is your Kiwibank QuickPay device connected to the Kiwibank QuickPay App? The bluetooth and terminal connected indicators should be green within the device setup screen.
  • Is your device charged? If you need to charge your device, follow the instructions within the Kiwibank QuickPay user guide if you're not sure how to charge your device.
  • Do you have network or Wi-Fi coverage? You won't be able to take payments if your smartphone is not connected to an internet connection - it will display as offline.
  • Is your Kiwibank QuickPay device online? If your Kiwibank QuickPay device is offline, select 'Initialize' under 'Merchant Login'. Your terminal must be connected to initialse merchant login.
Where can I find my terminal and merchant ID?

Once the Kiwibank QuickPay App is paired with the Kiwibank QuickPay device, you can find your terminal ID or merchant ID on the Device Setup screen under Merchant Login.

What if something happens while I'm processing a transaction?
  • If you receive a phone call while processing a transaction on Android, the transaction will process as normal. On IOS, the transaction will declined and require processing again.
  • If you lose internet connection while processing a transaction, the transaction will be declined and require processing again.
  • If either your phone or Kiwibank QuickPay device turns off during the transaction, the transaction will be declined and a "Power Link Failure" message will appear. If you have trouble connecting to the device again after the device or phone powers off, restart the terminal twice and try again.
I got an error, what does this mean?

Location service error

Location services must be turned on to accept payments. Check that your phone’s location services are turned on in your phone’s settings and the Kiwibank QuickPay app has permission to access your location. The app uses your location for the payment geotagging function and records this information into your reports and history.

Pairing unsuccesful or pairing took too long errors

The entire PIN number needs to be entered within one minute of initiating the pairing request or you'll encounter this error.

If the Kiwibank QuickPay device still displays the PIN, wait a few moments for the phone to ask for it again and re-enter the PIN. If the Kiwibank QuickPay device displays “BT Pairing Required,” start the pairing process again.

Connection error

Check your internet connection on your smartphone. If you’re unable to connect to the internet, contact your internet service provider.

What if my receipts aren't loading from the transaction history?

Android phones require a PDF viewer to load historic receipts. You can download a PDF viewer of your choice from the Google Play store.

User guides

For more information on how to use Kiwibank QuickPay, download our user guides.

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