Forward exchange contracts

  • Book an exchange rate for a future date.
  • You’ll know how much money you’ll receive — and have to pay — regardless of the exchange rate on the day.
  • Good if you have a foreign currency transaction coming up and you’re worried about exchange rates moving in the meantime.

Currency options

  • Like a forward exchange contract, but you pay a premium to have the option to decide on the day whether you want to use the rate you’ve booked or not.
  • Good if you want to ensure exchange rates remain favourable — but stay flexible in case rates improve.

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Kiwibank has lodged on the offer register at, Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) for regulated offers of Kiwibank-issued foreign exchange transactions and interest rate transactions.

Download the Product Disclosure Statement Interest Rate Transactions (PDF 128.3 KB) and Product Disclosure Statement Foreign Exchange Transactions (PDF 174.0 KB) or request a copy free of charge from your Financial Markets dealer.