Keeping your credit card secure

Make sure the only person making transactions on your credit card is you, by taking some simple steps to help keep your credit card secure.

Keep your card safe

  • Sign your credit card as soon as you receive it
  • You can set or change the PIN on your credit card within the mobile app or internet banking
  • Keep an eye out for odd looking devices on ATMs or PIN pads – you could be at risk of being skimmed. Skimming is when fraudsters use a device to copy your card’s details
  • Cover your PIN when entering
  • Don’t let your card out of sight when you’re making a purchase – this is another opportunity for skimmers
  • Get receipts for your transactions and then check those receipts against your statements
  • If you need to destroy an expired card, or one you no longer want, make sure you cut through the magnetic stripe and the signature
  • Never write down your PIN or share it with anybody - if someone asks for your PIN assume they're dodgy
  • Let us know if your contact details change so we can get in touch quickly if we suspect someone’s been up to no good on your card. You can update your contact details via internet banking or the mobile app.

Lost or stolen credit card

If your card has been lost or stolen, or you notice strange transactions on it, you can put a temporary block on it yourself using our mobile app or via internet banking. This means no one will be able to make any transactions on the card.

  • Put a temporary block on your card - You can easily add (or remove) a block on a credit card. See our step-by-step instructions on how to do this within:
  • Cancel your card - If you think your card is permanently lost or stolen, you can cancel and replace it within the mobile app. Otherwise, call 0800 521 521 from within New Zealand or +64 4 473 11 33 if you’re overseas and speak to someone to arrange to cancel or replace your card.

Disputing a transaction

If you find a transaction on your credit card statement that you didn't make, contact the company who charged you the transaction. If they’ve made the error, they’ll reverse the charge. If they can't help, contact us on 0800 521 521 and we’ll investigate the transaction for you

If you want to dispute a transaction, you have to let us know within 60 days of the closing date on the statement that the transaction appears on – so make sure you regularly review your statements and balances.

Extra protection when you buy online

When making some online purchases we may ask a couple of questions only you'll know how to answer, or we'll send a One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS to the mobile phone you have registered with us.

Once you've answered the questions correctly or verified your OTP you'll be able to complete your purchase.

How it works

Kiwibank Visa credit cards and Visa debit cards use Verified by Visa and Visa Secure to help in making sure your card is not being used online without your permission.

Most participating merchants may display any of the below logos on their site:

If you don't see the Visa Secure/Identity Check logo, the merchant may still be a participant and you may be prompted to provide your details.

Visa Secure is a free service that works automatically in the background, and most of the time your purchase will go straight through. Occasionally for some online purchases made from participating retailers you may see a screen where Kiwibank asks for some extra information which help to keep your card safe.

Going overseas?

If you’re travelling overseas, contact us before you go so we can keep an eye on your credit cards and transactions for any suspicious activity. You can do this via our mobile app: go to Settings, click on Overseas Travel, then add a trip. Alternatively, you can send us a secure message in internet banking or call us and let us know your travel dates, where you’re going and your contact details while you’re away.

If you're travelling with your New Zealand Mobile and New Zealand SIM card you should still be able to receive the OTP depending on the coverage from your mobile provider.

How can we help?

If you're not able to complete a purchase, or you have been unsuccessful in validating you're the cardholder and your card is locked, you'll need to contact us to confirm your identity. You can update your mobile number via internet banking or the mobile app.