Help with Google Pay™

Google Pay is a simple way to make contactless payments using your Android device. If you want to learn how it works and where to get started, you'll find the information here.

Set up Google Pay

KB screen Google Pay

1. Open our mobile app

Open the Kiwibank Mobile App. Our mobile app is free to download on Google Play.

2. Choose 'Cards' menu

Tap on ‘Cards’ at the bottom of the screen.

3. Select a card

Choose a card you'd like to add to Google Pay.

4. Add to Google Pay

Tap 'Add to Google Pay' on the card you have chosen.

5. Follow the prompts

Follow the prompts to complete the process. Repeat steps 2-5 for each card you'd like to add.

6. You're all set up

Your card is now all set up for Google Pay, now you can use it in-store, in apps and online.

Commonly asked questions

What cards can I use with Google Pay?

All Kiwibank Visa Debit and credit cards, including cards linked to business accounts, can be used with Google Pay.

What do I need to use Google Pay?

You'll need an Android device that's Android 7.0 or higher. Google Pay is also available on some Fitbit and Wear OS devices. For more information about if your device is supported and updated, see your provider's support resources:

Where can I use Google Pay?

Use Google Pay wherever you see the contactless payment symbol and/or the G Pay logo.

Google Pay contactless

Is Google Pay safe to use?

Google Pay doesn't share your card details, so your payment information stays safe.

How do I see transactions I've made using Google Pay?

You can see your Google Pay transaction history in the Google Wallet app on your Android device.

How do I continue a card setup that never got completed?

If you've started to add a card in the mobile app but didn't complete the process, you can continue the set up within Google Wallet.

  • Open your Google Wallet
  • Select the Kiwibank card
  • Select 'Complete Verification'
Can I use Google Pay overseas?

Yes, you can continue to use Google Pay wherever you see the contactless payment symbol.
You should contact us prior to leaving New Zealand so we can better protect your accounts and cards while you're away. You can:

What is the maximum amount I can make in a single transaction?

There's no specific transaction limit for Google Pay transactions on Kiwibank credit cards, however you'll need to stay within the daily Kiwibank Visa Debit Card purchase limit if you're using your Visa Debit Card to pay for your purchase.

What happens if I replace either my Visa Debit or credit card?

In most cases, if your card is linked up to your Google Wallet, your Google Pay transactions will continue to work - but it will depend on whether your card is lost, stolen or damaged.

Debit card

  • Lost, stolen or damaged - you can continue to use Google Pay without any issues.

Credit card

  • Lost or stolen - you'll need to wait two business days, from the day you report your card either lost or stolen, before making a Google Pay transaction.
  • Damaged - you can continue to use Google Pay without any issues.

Once your new card arrives, you'll still need to make a purchase by inserting the card before you can make contactless payments with your physical card.