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We understand that in these unprecedented times you’ve got lots of questions, which you want answered quickly and clearly. So, to assist you (and our amazing but overloaded call centre team), we’ve set up this COVID-19 Q&A hub. See answers to questions that others are asking, or ask new ones of your own.

We’ve also got a dedicated COVID-19 update page and information about what financial support might be available for you or your business.

FAQs answered

Last updated: 10.30am, 15.05.2020

General support

  • If I lose my income, what support options are available from Kiwibank?
  • How can I get money out of my account when branches are closed?
  • How can I deposit cash into my account?

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Business banking

  • How can Kiwibank help my business during this challenging time?
  • What support is available to businesses through the Government’s Finance Guarantee Scheme loan?
  • Can you help with cash pickups?

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Home loans

  • What if I can't pay my mortgage?
  • I was planning on using my KiwiSaver funds to buy a first home. I don’t have enough now for a deposit, what are my options?
  • Would you consider waiving the break fee?

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Internet banking

  • How do I reset my internet banking password?
  • Where can I find my access number?
  • How do I activate my card using internet banking?

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Mobile app

  • How do I reset my mobile app PIN?
  • How do I update my personal details?
  • How do I order a new EFTPOS or Visa debit card?

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  • Can I withdraw my KiwiSaver money?
  • I was planning on using my KiwiSaver funds to buy a first home. I don’t have enough now for a deposit, what are my options?
  • How do I find out my KiwiSaver balance?

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Accounts and international

  • How can I open an account during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How can I send money to an overseas bank account using my Kiwibank account?
  • Will I be charged fees for dipping into my savings accounts during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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  • My term deposit is maturing. I normally go to a branch to reinvest it, what should I do?
  • Can I get access to my term deposit before the term finishes?
  • Is it possible to withdraw funds from my Notice Saver account without giving the required notice?

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  • What options are available to me for repaying my credit card balance?
  • Can I apply and receive a new credit card or Visa Debit card during the lockdown?
  • How can I load a PIN onto my card?

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Personal loans

  • I'm worried about paying back my personal loan, what are my options?
  • Can I still apply for a personal loan during the lockdown?
  • What is a personal loan repayment deferral, and how can I apply?

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  • What overdraft options are available to me?
  • Does the Reserve Bank lowering interest rates affect my overdraft? Will you be making any changes to fees or interest rates in general?

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  • I have Life & Living Insurance with Kiwi Insurance, am I covered during COVID-19?
  • Does my Home Loan Insurance Policy cover my mortgage payments during the lockdown period?

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