Personal banking support

We understand there are ongoing challenges due to the impact of COVID-19, and these may continue for some time. Our Kiwibank COVID-19 Relief and Resilience programme is still available if you need support.

How we can support you

The exact support we can offer you will depend on your personal circumstances, below are the options that might be available for you. Each one comes with pros and cons, which you’ll need to weigh carefully before making a decision. You may also want to consider if there are alternatives available to you such as utilising any savings you may have. We're unable to provide advice on the use of savings if they're not with Kiwibank or on KiwiSaver Hardship applications.

To be eligible, you must be an existing Kiwibank customer who has suffered, or will suffer genuine financial stress due to COVID-19. Credit, lending and other criteria may apply depending on the type of help required.

I need help with...

Home loans

If you're an existing Kiwibank Home Loan customer and need temporary relief from your home loan commitments we have several options available depending on your circumstances. One of our experts will work with you to determine what the best option is for your situation and talk you through the application process.

Here are some options that might be suitable for you:

Reducing to minimum payments

You may be able to reduce your mortgage payments to the minimum required if your repayments are set higher than the minimum required currently.

Extension of home loan term

You may be able to extend your home loan term, which will reduce your regular home loan repayments. You'll end up paying your home loan over a longer term which will increase your overall cost of borrowing however you'll still be paying off principal on your loan. Depending on your circumstances, this may be more preferable to other options such as an interest-only loan or home loan repayment deferral where you're not paying your home loan. Once things are back to normal, you can reach out to us again and we can reduce the loan term back to what it originally was although this will mean that your repayment amounts will increase.

Interest-only home loan payments

If you need to reduce your home loan repayments further, then an interest-only loan could be the right option for you. During this time, your home loan balance will remain the same as you'll just be paying the interest on your home loan. Although your short-term financial obligations reduce, the lifetime cost of borrowing will increase as a result of you delaying the repayment of your principal.

An interest-only loan is available for a period of up to six months. At the end of your interest-only period, your home loan repayments are increased so that you still repay your home loan over the original term, or a term extension is arranged to keep your repayments the same as what they were prior to the interest-only term.

Home loan repayment deferral (previously known as a repayment holiday)

Applying for a home loan repayment deferral is another option. This offers short-term relief to customers who can’t afford to make repayments onto their home loan. It stops repayments onto your home loan and may be approved for up to six months.

How it works

Although your short-term financial obligations will reduce, the lifetime cost of borrowing (i.e. the interest charged) will likely increase. This is because:

  • You’re delaying the repayment of your principal; and
  • Interest will continue to be charged during the period of your repayment deferral. Any interest accrued during this period will then be added to your loan balance.

At the end of your repayment deferral, your repayments will usually be adjusted so that you still pay your home loan off over the original loan term, or a term extension is arranged to keep your repayments the same as what they were prior to the repayment deferral.

To apply for any of these home loan relief options, please fill out our personal support form.

Investment products

In some situations, you may be able to get early access to your Term Deposit or Notice Saver funds. Please call us to discuss your individual situation.

To apply for early access to your investment, please fill out our personal support form.

Credit cards

If you're having trouble making your credit card repayments, we have a short term solution that could ease the stress of making the current repayments. We can offer help such as a payment plan, looking at the interest rate you're paying, or changing to a more suitable product.

To enquire about any of these credit card options, please fill out our personal support form.

Life & Living Insurance

If you have an existing Kiwi Insurance Life, Trauma, Income Protection or Redundancy policy, you can check your cover on the Kiwibank app. Our existing policies don't have a COVID-19 exclusion, but the policy's normal terms conditions continue to apply. These will be different for each customer depending on the cover you have chosen and your particular situation.

Please give our insurance team a call on 0800 222 491, then choose option 2 and option 2 again if you'd like to understand your eligibility further.

Personal loans

If you're concerned about the ability to repay your loan, please call us on 0800 54 94 54.

KiwiSaver hardship withdrawals

If you have your KiwiSaver with Kiwi Wealth, you may be able to access these funds through a Significant Financial Hardship Withdrawal. Please consider this carefully as KiwiSaver was designed primarily to help New Zealanders have a better retirement.

To qualify for a Significant Financial Hardship withdrawal from the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme, you must be a Kiwi Wealth member. Please visit for more information, or contact the Kiwi Wealth at and one of their experts will talk you through your options.

If not with Kiwi Wealth, please talk to your provider to discuss KiwiSaver Hardship applications.

Apply for COVID-19 support

If you’ve been financially impacted by COVID-19 and need support, you may be able to access our COVID-19 Relief and Resilience support programme. The best way to get the ball rolling is to fill out a support contact form. Our hardworking team will get back to you as soon as they can. See latest estimated response times.

Support for business banking customers

If you're a business banking customer, see the range of initiatives in place for business banking customers, including our COVID-19 Relief and Resilience programme as well as information on the Government's Business Finance Guarantee Scheme loan.

Other information and updates

Home loans variable rate reset

We reset our variable home loan rates, dropping them by 1% and taking them below 4% p.a., saving Kiwis $20m in interest over the next year.

More about the home loans reset

Savings accounts and term deposits

Our savings accounts have variable interest rates and are subject to change. Any changes to the interest rates of our savings accounts is published on our accounts rates and fees page. If you have funds invested in a term deposit, the interest paid is a fixed rate and won't change for the term of your investment.


If you have existing Kiwi Insurance cover including Life, Trauma, Income Protection or Redundancy cover, House, Contents or Car insurance, you’ll continue to be covered under the normal terms and conditions. This means that COVID-19 isn’t excluded under existing policies. You can check your cover on the Kiwibank app.

If you’ve been financially impacted by COVID-19 and want to review your insurance, please get in touch so we can talk through your options. If you want to talk about existing Kiwi Insurance Life, Trauma, Income Protection or Redundancy cover, call 0800 222 491, then choose option 2 and option 2 again. To talk about existing House, Contents or Car insurance, call 0800 222 491, then choose option 1, then option 4.

Travel Insurance offered via our platinum credit cards

Tower, the underwriter for the travel insurance on our Air New Zealand Airpoints Platinum Visa and Kiwibank Platinum Visa credit cards, issued a Travel Advisory Alert to say that there's ‘No cover for claims related to Novel-Coronavirus under any circumstances’. Tower has also confirmed that customers who activated their cover prior to the travel advisory are not covered for Coronavirus based on the policy wording around Pandemic exclusion (page 18 of the Travel Insurance Policy (PDF 204.2 KB)).

If you have any questions about overseas travel booked on your Kiwibank or Air New Zealand Airpoints Credit Card, please visit the Tower website or call Tower on 0800 800 477 for further information.

Moving to Visa from Mastercard

If you’ve recently received your new Visa card, or heard that your new card will be on its way soon you’ll need to either activate it or let us know if you’d like your Mastercard to keep working for a bit longer. Find out more.

Credit and debit card contactless PIN thresholds

We supported the industry wide move to increase the contactless PIN threshold from $80 to $200 for all Kiwibank Credit and Visa Debit cards. This means customers can perform contactless transactions of up to $200 without having to touch an EFTPOS terminal pin pad.

This change was effective from 9 April 2020 and will continue until further notice. We've put together a list of the common questions about this change:

I have a contactless card – what do I need to do?

As a cardholder, you don’t need to do anything. The limit increase will automatically be applied to the card you already have. You'll continue to tap your card as you do today. If the transaction is for $200 or less, you'll not be prompted for a PIN. For transactions over $200, the terminal will ask you to enter your PIN.

I am a retailer who would now like a terminal that accepts contactless cards – what should I do?

If you'd like to get contactless enabled on your terminal, please email our merchant team on

I don’t like PayWave, can I turn this off?

Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to disable PayWave/contactless on our Kiwibank Credit or Visa Debit cards. This is something we may do in the future but not at this time.

You can log into your internet banking or mobile app and choose to cancel your Visa Debit card and order an ATM card instead. These don't have any contactless capability.

To order go to Settings, then Cards, then Cancel/Replace VDC/ATM. You can load a pin number to your card when you order your card online – this will ensure that you can start to use it immediately.

Unfortunately, you can't load a PIN number onto your card when you order it through our contact centre. This can only be done at your nearest kiwibank.

Please note, it usually take 5 – 7 working days to be delivered. This could be longer due to delays.

If I cancel my Visa Debit card and replace with an ATM card will I need to go into branch to PIN it?

No. You can set the PIN when you order it through internet banking or mobile app. This will be ready for use when you receive it.

Isn’t this increasing the risk to me if my Kiwibank Credit or Visa Debit card is stolen?

As always, your card is protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy or Mastercard Zero Liability Protection for purchases (not cash withdrawals). It covers you for losses caused by unauthorised use of your card, provided you didn’t contribute to the loss, and on the condition you advise us as soon as reasonably possible if your card is lost or stolen. Visa’s Zero Liability Policy or Mastercard Zero Liability Protection does not apply to ATM transactions, or transactions not processed by Visa or Mastercard.

Mentemia mental wellbeing app

Looking after your mental health is so important in times like this, so we’re proud to partner with Sir John Kirwan and Mentemia to offer a free app to help support your mental wellbeing.

Financial tips and budgeting

We understand that during times like this you may be looking to make changes to how you manage your finance. We have a range of practical tips, tools and guides to help you manage your money.