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Q. Due to COVID-19 I'm struggling to make personal loan repayments. What help is available?"

A. We're committed to help our customers through the COVID-19 outbreak and in supporting those who may be impacted. If you're concerned about the ability to repay your loan, please call us on 0800 549 454.

Q. Can I still apply for a personal loan during the COVID-19 pandemic?"

A. Yes, these loans are considered based on your personal circumstances.

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Q. What's a personal loan repayment deferral, and how can I apply?"

A. The repayment deferral option that you’re most likely to have heard about is for home loan customers. However, if you’re having trouble making your personal loan repayments, please call our personal loan team on 0800 549 454 and we’ll help you make a plan.

Q. I have repayment insurance on my personal loan. Does the COVID-19 situation qualify to activate this on my loan?"

A. Repayment insurance covers a few different situations, including involuntary unemployment. If you wish to discuss your policy and whether it applies, please complete this form and we'll be in touch.

Please note that Kiwibank Personal Loans are provided by Latitude Financial Services Limited.

Q. Are you waiving your application fees due to the current situation?"

A. We have a range of financial assistance options set up to support our existing customers through a difficult time. However, customers seeking new lending will still be subject to our usual establishment fee.

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Q. How can I check the balance of my personal loan and make payments towards it?"

A. Please contact our team on 0800 549 454. They'll be happy to assist you with either of these.

Q. Can I change my personal loan payment frequency?"

A. Yes, you can change your repayment frequency to weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Please call us on 0800 549 454 to do this.

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