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General support

Q. How can I do my banking during COVID-19?"

A. We have a number of ways you can do your banking without visiting a branch. You can do things like checking balances, transferring money or paying bills using internet banking, our mobile app, phone banking and cash deposit ATMs.

Q. If I lose my income, what support options are available from Kiwibank?"

A. We know some of you are facing significant financial stress as a result of the impacts of COVID-19. We have a range of initiatives as part of our Kiwibank COVID-19 Relief and Resilience programme to support you through these difficult times.

The exact support we can offer you will depend on your personal circumstances. Here are the options we may be able to help you with. Each one comes with pros and cons, which you’ll need to weigh carefully before making a decision. You may also want to consider if there are alternatives available to you such as utilising any savings you may have. We're unable to provide advice on the use of savings if they're not with Kiwibank or on KiwiSaver Hardship applications.

  • Home loans
  • Investments
  • Credit cards
  • Life & Living Insurance
  • KiwiSaver hardship withdrawals
  • Personal loan

Ways to bank Q&A session

Kiwibank’s Simon Hofmann (Chief Marketing Officer) & Rachel Hurunui (Customer Experience Leader) answer the questions customers asked us about ways to bank.

Please note that this live Q&A session, streamed via Facebook, has now finished.

Q. How can I...
Find my bank and branch numbers to fill out the COVID-19 support forms?"

A. Your bank number is the first six numbers of your account number. You can find this on internet banking by viewing your accounts, and it'll also be on all your online banking statements and any physical statements you have on hand.

Get a proof of address during COVID-19?"

A. There are ways you can provide us with proof of address such as a power bill, bank statement, employment agreement or letter from your GP.

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Internet banking and mobile app Q&As

See the commonly asked questions about internet banking and our mobile app.

Q. I've submitted a support request via your website but haven't heard back. What should I do?"

A. Unfortunately, a lot of Kiwis have been in contact regarding financial support. If you’ve been waiting for more than seven business days, please call us.

Q. Why have interest rates dropped recently?"

A. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the economy hard, so the Reserve Bank of New Zealand cut the Official Cash Rate (OCR) to help stimulate economic activity. Banks have decreased their interest rates as a result.

Q. Will mine or my partners Credit Score be impacted by taking up any options under the Kiwibank COVID-19 Relief and Resilience programme?"

A. No, they won't. Kiwibank is partaking in an industry agreement, working with the Credit Bureaus to ensure that any customers genuinely impacted by COVID-19 don't have their credit score impacted.

Branches, ATMs and contact centres

Q. Which branches are open and what are their opening hours?"
Q. Are your contact centres open?

A. Our contact centres have remained open, however operations are under heavy demand and our amazing staff are doing their best at this stressful time, so please be patient when speaking with us. Where possible, we recommend using internet banking and our mobile app. If you're new to banking online, we have a range of step-by-step guides and commonly asked questions in our support hub.

Q. Is my money in my accounts safe right now and is it covered by the Government Guarantee?"

A. Kiwibank currently has a credit rating of A as measured by Standard & Poor's, and is ultimately owned by NZ Post, ACC & NZ Super which are all New Zealand Government-owned.

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Payment and processing times

Q. Are payment times as usual if we're getting the COVID-19 wage subsidy?"

A. All payments from MSD are processed into our customer’s accounts by 11pm on the day we receive payment. If you’ve been told it’s being paid urgently, you may find it arrives a bit earlier in the day.

Q. Can I expect my wages to be in my account on time during COVID-19?"

A. We're not experiencing any payment delays, so you should be receiving your pay as usual.

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