Credit, debit and EFTPOS cards FAQs

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Q. What options are available to me for repaying my credit card balance?"

A. We don’t want you feeling unnecessary stress if you're struggling to make repayments on your Kiwibank Credit Card. If you need support, we’re happy to help you with a payment plan, or we can look at moving you to a lower rate credit card.

It’s also worth looking into credit card repayment insurance, if you don't already have it. You can see if you have this cover by looking in the insurance section of our mobile app or internet banking. If so, you may be able to use it to help make repayments on your credit card.

EFTPOS, debit and credit card Q&A Session

Kiwibank’s Simon Hofmann (Chief Marketing Officer) & Geoff Ireland (Credit Card Product Manager) answer the questions customers asked us about their EFTPOS, Visa Debit or credit cards.

Please note that this live Q&A session, streamed via Facebook, has now finished.

Q. Is it possible to freeze my credit card interest if I can't pay off my credit card during this time?"

A. We have a dedicated team managing hardship requests. If you need assistance with regard to any Kiwibank product, please complete our personal support form. We’re fully committed to working with our customers to find solutions that suit their individual circumstances.

Q. Can I apply and receive a new credit card or Visa Debit card during COVID-19?"

A. Yes, you can. Our cards are made locally in Auckland and will continue to be produced then sent to customers. The delivery of our credit and debit cards isn't impacted, so you’ll still receive your card.

Apply for a credit card or a Visa Debit card

Are there fees attached when I apply for a new Visa Debit card? Does this supersede my original card?

In relation to superseding, you can only have one Visa Debit card attached to an account at a time. So in order to get a new one, you’d need to cancel the one you currently have. The only fee attached to a Visa Debit card is the annual fee of $10, which is waived for the first year. There may also be a $15 replacement card fee, depending on the reason for replacement.

Q. Does Kiwibank have contactless payments?"

A. Yes, all Kiwibank Visa Debit and credit cards come with contactless functionality. For payments of less than $200 in New Zealand, you can tap your credit or debit card and complete a purchase in seconds. For transactions worth more than $200, you'll need a PIN or signature.

Q. Can I make contactless payments on my Kiwibank Eftpos card?"

A. Unfortunately there is no contactless functionality on an Eftpos card. If you would like to make contactless payments, you may want to consider the Kiwibank Visa Debit Card. You can order a Visa Debit Card and select your PIN online, with no need to visit a branch or call us. For payments of less than $200 in New Zealand, you would then be able to tap your Visa Debit Card and complete a purchase in seconds.

Q. How do I know if my bank card has payWave?"

A. All Kiwibank Visa Debit and credit cards come with payWave functionality, which can be an extremely useful feature given the current situation with COVID-19. You'll be able to use it anywhere you see the Visa payWave logo and contactless symbol.

Find out more about payWave

Q. Are Kiwibank considering reducing credit card interest rates during COVID-19?"

A. We reviewed Kiwibank Credit Card interest rates in July last year, and as a result we reduced the interest rates for our Zero Visa and Platinum Visa, as well as taking a leading position by offering 9.95% p.a. on our Low Rate card to give customers a low interest rate option. Compare our credit card interest rates. We're focussed on supporting customers through their challenges caused by COVID-19.

If you do wish to swap to a low interest rate card, please call 0800 521 521 and quote ‘switch my credit card’.

Q. With my Airpoints credit card, what coverage do I have for cancelled flights with the automatic travel insurance on travel purchased with this card?"

A. Please direct queries regarding travel insurance to Tower Insurance on 0800 845 010.

Q. Can I claim for money lost when flights booked with my Kiwibank Credit Card are cancelled?"

A. Depending on the type of credit card, you may have travel insurance for international travel. Kiwibank Travel Insurance is provided by Tower Insurance, so for a definitive answer on cover we suggest calling them directly on 0800 845 010. Most airlines are offering some flexibility where travel is no longer possible.

Q. If I'm unable pay my outstanding credit card balance by the due date, will I still be charged interest or has that been suspended due to COVID-19

A. We're working hard to ensure we offer support to customers that need help during this challenging time. If you've been impacted by COVID-19, please complete our personal support form and one of our team will review it before working with you to find a solution.

Q. Are you charging late payment fees on credit card payments during COVID-19?"

A. We’re urging any customers who are struggling to make their credit card payments to get in touch by filling out our personal support form. This will allow us to review your situation and provide appropriate support.

If you feel a late payment fee you’ve been charged during the pandemic is unfair, please send us a secure message through internet banking and we’ll work with you to ensure this doesn't happen. We want all our customers to know that we’re here to support them through these challenging times.

Q. If I receive a refund for a flight or travel bookings and have cancelled the card that it was paid with, can I still receive this refund?"

A. Yes, you can. If we can see that the refund has been credited to a card you've cancelled because it was lost or stolen, then we can easily move it to your active card. If you've closed your Kiwibank Credit Card account, then we can organise for the refund to be transferred to a transactional bank account. Give us a call on 0800 521 521 to discuss.

Q. Can I pay off my credit card with the Business Finance Guarantee Scheme loan?"

A. Unfortunately not, existing lending facilities can't be covered by the Business Finance Guarantee Scheme.

Q. I'm expecting a refund for bookings, but the company can only put this refund on the card (Mastercard) that the booking was paid with. With the recent change from Mastercard to Visa, how is this being dealt with?"

A. You don't need to worry, when the refund comes through it will be applied to your new Visa card acount.

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