Step-by-step mobile app guides

Learn how to do the basics of banking on our mobile app through these easy to read guides and videos. You can view them here, download, or print them.

Set up the mobile app

If you’re already using internet banking, download this guide to set up the mobile app. If you’re not already using internet banking then setting up the mobile app will take a couple of extra steps, so you’ll need to download this guide instead.

Boost your online banking security

We highly recommend that you use authentication, such as a security code and biometric login, to keep your accounts secure. Find out more about how to authenticate your online banking.

View accounts and balances

It’s easy to view your different accounts and check your balance in the mobile app, download the guide on how to view your accounts and balances.

Transfer money

Need to transfer money between your accounts? You can do this through the mobile app, download the guide on how to transfer money between your accounts.

Make payments

With our mobile app you can make a one-off payment, create recurring automatic payments and save someone’s bank account details as a ‘payee’ for next time. Download the guide on how to make payments to a person or company.

Add payees

To learn how to save someone’s bank account details as a ‘payee’ for next time in the mobile app, download the guide on how to add payees.

How to order a Visa Debit Card in the mobile app

It's quick and easy to order a new Visa Debit Card within the mobile app.


How to set up your mobile wallet

It's easy to select the cards you'd like to add to your mobile wallet using the Kiwibank Mobile App. Our support hub has guides and answers to frequently asked questions for Apple Pay and Google Pay™.

How to block your card in the mobile app

If you think your EFTPOS, Visa Debit or credit card has been lost or stolen, you can easily put a temporary block on your card within the mobile app.


These videos are based on the latest version of our mobile app. If you have an older version, you can update it on the App Store or Google Play.