Step-by-step internet banking guides

Learn the basics of internet banking. Watch our videos from the comfort of your own home, or download and print our guides for easy reference – whichever you prefer.

Set up internet banking

Learn how to set up internet banking and take control of your finances. You can also download a set up internet banking guide (PDF 2.6 MB).

View account and balances

It’s quick and easy to check your balance and see your different accounts in internet banking. You can also download a view accounts and balances guide (PDF 1.7 MB).

Make payments

With internet banking you can make a one-off payment, create recurring automatic payments or save someone’s bank account details as a ‘payee’ for next time. You can also download a making payments guide (PDF 3.0 MB).

Edit an automatic payment

Need to change an automatic payment? There’s no need to go to a branch and fill out a form, just go online and do it in internet banking. You can also download an edit automatic payments guide (PDF 2.5 MB).