Strong passwords help to protect your accounts, but they're not always enough to keep out attackers. So we've got extra layers of security to double-check that it's you logging in or making a transaction in internet banking or our mobile app, like multi-factor authentication (MFA).

What's multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

MFA means there are three elements you can use to verify your identity:

Using a combination of two or more of these things adds more security. Even if someone gets hold of one piece of information, like your password, it's harder for them to access your account without the extra security measures.

Our mobile app and internet banking keep your data safe with various security features, including your login details, a security code and biometric login (like your fingerprint or face).

Tips to keep your digital banking secure

  1. 1

    Never give anyone your security code or write it down. Remember, we'll never ask you to tell us (or anyone else) your password.

  2. 2

    Enable biometric login (fingerprint, touch ID or face ID) on your mobile device.

  3. 3

    Always log out of internet banking and our mobile app when you’re finished.

  4. 4

    When possible, use mobile data instead of public Wi-Fi while using online banking.

  5. 5

    Keep your contact details current, especially your mobile number. You can easily update them in our mobile app or internet banking.

  6. 6

    Look out for in-app notifications from us on new ways to protect yourself online.

Report suspicious activity

If you think your identity or accounts may have been compromised, please contact us immediately.

We'll never ask you to disclose your internet banking login details by email or by clicking on a link within an email. If you think you’ve been sent an email that doesn’t look like it’s from us, don't respond or click on any links – please forward it to