Internet banking guarantee

We work hard to keep your money safe when you're banking online and we've also put together some guidelines on what you need to do to protect yourself.

Eligibility for reimbursement

If you've been the victim of unauthorised activity on your accounts within our internet banking or mobile app, we'll reimburse any money you've lost as long as you’ve complied with our general terms and conditions, haven’t acted dishonestly or negligently and have taken reasonable steps to protect your banking.

Precautions you should take

Passwords and logins

  • Don’t create or use a password that could be easily guessed or found out. For example, one that uses personal information about yourself, like family, street or pet names.
  • Your password shouldn’t be the same or similar to ones you’ve used in the past.
  • Don’t write down, record or share your password or mobile or internet banking login details, including your one-time PIN, with anyone – including bank staff, the police or family members.
  • Don’t reply to requests for your login details or one-time PIN for either internet banking or the mobile app, other than through Kiwibank internet banking or our mobile app.
  • Only use biometric login, e.g. fingerprint, touch ID or face ID login, on your mobile app if you're the only person who has a fingerprint or face stored on your device.

You must contact us immediately if you think your login details or one-time PIN for internet or mobile banking are, or may be, known by another person or that there has been unauthorised use of internet or mobile banking, or your account.

Computer and device security

  • Don’t leave your computer or device unattended while logged into internet banking or the mobile app.
  • Don’t use internet banking on shared computers like those in internet cafes.
  • Make sure your computer or mobile device has appropriate protective software installed such as virus scanning, firewall, anti-spyware and anti-spam software and it’s continually updated.
  • Take care when opening unexpected attachments or installing software on your computer or mobile device.
  • Lock your mobile device to stop unauthorised use of mobile banking, or unauthorised access to your text messages.
  • You can only download the Kiwibank mobile app from an official store, such as Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Third party access

  • Some third-party systems require access to your internet banking – such as POLI which provides online payment options by transferring funds directly between a customer’s internet banking account and a merchant.
  • The use of third-party services like this invalidates our internet banking guarantee, not just for the affected transaction, but for all subsequent internet banking use too.
  • If you’ve previously allowed third party services to access your internet banking, you need to change your password immediately and update your Keepsafe questions.

Our electronic banking responsibilities

We'll exercise reasonable care and skill in providing you with electronic banking services. However, as far as permitted by law, we'll not be responsible if you incur a loss through circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

For more information about our electronic banking responsibilities and keeping your accounts safe, download our general terms and conditions.