Ways we protect you

We take protecting you and your money seriously and have a range of measures in place to protect your finances when you’re banking online or on our mobile app.

Dedicated security team

Our dedicated security team performs a range of services to ensure the security of our online banking services including:

  • constantly monitoring online banking transactions and card activity for any unusual activity. If a disruption occurs, we follow our incident response plan as our highest priority is getting these services up and running again. We regularly report on cyber security to our regulators and CERT NZ.
  • keeping track of fraud trends affecting the banking industry
  • helping customers who've been victims of fraud and working with the New Zealand Police to help make sure offenders are caught
  • providing advice to customers who have security concerns
  • looking out for new technologies that could enhance security for our customers

Report a suspicious activity

If you think your identity or accounts may have been compromised, please contact us immediately.

We'll never ask you to disclose your internet banking login details by email or by clicking on a link within an email. If you think you’ve been sent an email that doesn’t look like it’s from us, don't respond or click on any links – please forward it to suspicious.email@kiwibank.co.nz.