Online authentication

We have two online authentication services that provide you an extra layer of security when you're using internet banking or our mobile app.


KeepSafe is quick and easy to use – it's a question and answer based authentication tool. You’ll set KeepSafe up the first time you log in to internet banking, and then each time you log in you’ll need to answer a KeepSafe question to access your accounts.

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Two factor authentication

When you make certain types of transactions, within internet banking and our mobile app, you'll be sent a one-time PIN to your mobile to enable your transaction to be completed. This is to ensure it's you that has requested the transaction.

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Other ways we're protecting you

We've got a number of other services and teams to help keep you safe when you're using our website, internet banking or our mobile app. This includes things like:

  • Ensuring we've got the right digital certificates
  • Timing out your internet banking session
  • Preventing access if your password has been entered incorrectly more than three times
  • Monitoring unusual activity on your accounts

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