Common mobile app questions

If you need more information about setting up or using our mobile app, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Set up or reset mobile app account

How do I set up the mobile app?

It's easy to set up – just follow our step-by-step guide for our mobile app.

If you’re new to mobile banking and would like support, we can also talk you through getting set up. Please email us at with your phone number and your access number (which you can find on the back of your EFTPOS card, Visa Debit Card or credit card) and let us know what time of the day best suits you to talk. We’ll then get in touch as soon as we can.

How do I reset my mobile app PIN?

You can reset your mobile app PIN by entering your internet banking password either via the login help option or after entering their pin three times incorrectly.

How do I reset my KeepSafe questions?

You’ll need to call us to reset your KeepSafe questions. Make sure you choose questions with answers that are easy to remember and easy to spell.

If you’re having technical issues with your KeepSafe, check out our troubleshooting guide that steps you through some solutions to common problems.

How do I reset my registered mobile number?

You can update your mobile number via internet banking or the mobile app. If you’d like to update your mobile number on internet banking or are having technical problems with accessing your account, call us on 0800 11 33 55 or +64 4 473 1133 from overseas. We’ll need you to provide us with your access number and the ID you used when opening your account, which is usually your driver’s licence or passport.

For transactions that require two factor authentication, if your one-time PIN is being sent to an old number which you no longer have access to, call us on 0800 113 355 or +64 4 473 1133 when you're overseas. We'll help you make the transaction and update your mobile number.

Please note you only get five free calls per month. After this, fees may apply.

Where can I find my access number?

You can find your access number on the following:

  • Most Kiwibank bank statements
  • Mobile app under 'More' – it'll be under your name
  • At the back of your EFTPOS, Visa Debit or credit card
  • Your welcome email if you're a new customer.

Manage your account

How do I update my personal details?
  1. Go to 'More'
  2. Click ‘Settings’
  3. Click ‘Personal Details’
  4. Choose what type of details you want changed
  5. Make your changes and hit save. You'll need to answer one of your KeepSafe questions to successfully save the change.

With insurance or personal loan providers

If you have insurance or a personal loan, you'll need to update your contact details separately with our insurance and personal loan providers.

How do I open an account online?

Existing Kiwibank customers

  • If you have the mobile app, log in and go to 'More', then click ‘Apply & Open’. This is the easiest and most straightforward way to open new accounts and for most types of accounts, you can use them straight away.
  • If you don’t have the mobile app, the easiest way to get new accounts is to give us a call and get access to internet banking.
  • If you prefer to bank in person, you can either give us a call or visit a branch.

New to Kiwibank

You can join Kiwibank online, you’ll be able to open an account, but you won’t have access to your account and its services until you’ve verified your identity. The accounts you can open as part of your online application are: Free Up or Fast Forward Saver for individuals and Business Edge for sole traders.

You’ll be able to open other accounts in internet banking or the mobile app, once you’re verified your identity.

To verify your identity and address, you can do this online using your smartphone, using your RealMe account, if you have one, or set up an appointment and take some ID and proof of address to your nearest Kiwibank.

Moving to New Zealand?

If you’re looking to move to New Zealand, check out this page to understand all the requirements for opening an account while you’re overseas. Please ensure you complete the form correctly and send us all the required documentation.

There are a couple of very important things to note:

  • If you‘re not intending to come to New Zealand within the next six months, we won’t be able to open an account for you.
  • While we can open an account and accept funds into that account, you’ll be unable to withdraw any deposits until you arrive in New Zealand and have your identity documents sighted.
How do I close an account?

The accounts you'd like closed will all need to have a zero balance (e.g. no money in it or in overdraft) and no fees owing. We can then close it for you straight away.

  • If you no longer require one of your accounts, you can close it using the mobile app if there's only one account holder.
    • Choose the account you want closed
    • Click 'Detail'
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click 'Close account'.
  • If you don’t have the mobile app you'll need to call us to close your account.
  • If you'd like to close all of your accounts, send us a secure mail in your mobile app, internet banking or give us a call. If you choose to close all your accounts, we‘ll remove your internet banking access so we encourage you to download your statements from the statement vault.

We hate to see our customers leave and we appreciate knowing why you have closed your accounts. If you have feedback, positive or negative, we really would like to hear it.

How do I contact Kiwibank from overseas?

If you're a Kiwibank customer and the matter isn’t urgent, you can log in to internet banking or our mobile app and send us a secure mail.

If you don’t have an internet banking, mobile app or if your issue's urgent, such as a lost or stolen card, please call us on +64 4 473 1133.

How do I find my account balances?

You can check your account balances when you log in to the app, or set up quick balance to get your balances at a glance without having to login.

  1. Go to 'More'
  2. Click 'Settings'
  3. Click 'Quick balances'
  4. Choose which accounts you want to be displayed.

If you can’t see your account balance, please send a secure mail message.

When will customers be able to download bank statements from the mobile app?

In the future we’re looking at using other types of technology to communicate with our customers. So while we may never offer this, we will be introducing other new ways of getting information to you.

How do I add a payee to one of my accounts?

You can do this easily using internet banking or our mobile app. See our step-by-step guide on how to pay someone using internet banking or our mobile app.

Make transactions

How do I make an online transfer from my Kiwibank account to someone?

This is easy to do with internet banking or our mobile app as long as you have the recipient's account number.

See our simple step-by-step instructions on how to make payments and transfer funds using internet banking or our mobile app.

How can I transfer money from a joint account to my everyday account?

You should be able to do this through internet banking or our mobile app – see our authority to operate page for more information. Please note that to do this, the account will need to be “one to sign” – this means that either person named on the account can make a change to it.


What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If you think your card has been lost or stolen, or if you notice dodgy transactions, you may:

If you think your card is permanently lost or stolen within or outside of New Zealand, please cancel your card immediately.

How do I block and unblock my card?
  1. Go to 'Cards'
  2. Choose the card you want to block or unblock
  3. Tick or untick 'Block transactions on this card'.

Loading a block on your card will stop any transaction being made. The block can be removed at any time within the app.

See our mobile app guides for a step-by-step video.

How do I order a new card?

EFTPOS or Visa Debit Card

  1. Go to 'Cards'
  2. Click 'Order new everyday card'
  3. Choose either 'Visa Debit Card or 'EFTPOS card'
  4. Fill in your details
  5. Hit 'Order card'.

Your new EFTPOS card or Visa Debit Card will be mailed out to you and should arrive within one to two weeks. If you need it earlier, please visit your nearest branch. Ordering through the app means you’ll be able to load the card with a PIN and select what accounts you would like the card linked to. You can select up to two accounts for a card to be linked to.

See our mobile app guides for a step-by-step video.

Credit card

  1. Go to 'Cards'
  2. Click 'Apply for a credit card'
  3. Complete the application form.

Once you submit the form, we'll process your application and send you an email to let you know if your application has been approved.

How do I cancel a card?

You can only cancel your EFTPOS or Visa Debit card using the mobile app.

  1. Go to 'Cards'
  2. Choose the card you want to cancel
  3. Select 'Cancel'
  4. Confirm your details are correct, then cancel your card.

If you want to cancel your credit card, ordering a replacement card using the mobile app will automatically cancel your existing card. If you'd like to permanently cancel your credit card, please give us a call.

How do I replace a card?
  1. Go to 'Cards'
  2. Choose the card you want to replace
  3. Click 'Replace this card'
  4. Confirm the delivery address is correct and select the reason for replacement.

Once you confirm your details are correct including your postal address, you can submit your order. Your old card will be cancelled and a replacement card will be mailed to you. If you need your card earlier, please visit your nearest branch.

How do I set or change a PIN on my card?

To set or change a PIN on your EFTPOS card, Visa Debit Card or credit card:

  1. Log in to the mobile app
  2. Go to ‘Cards’
  3. Choose the card you want to add the PIN on
  4. Select ‘Set/Change PIN’
  5. Enter your new PIN
  6. Re-enter your new PIN (to confirm it).

Term Deposits

How do I open a Term Deposit?
  1. Go to 'More'
  2. Go to 'Apply & Open' on the main side menu bar
  3. Select 'Term Deposit' from the list
  4. Fill in your details and press confirm and open.

You can deposit any amount from $1,000 to $1 million in New Zealand dollars. The funds must be available in your Kiwibank account to set up the deposit.

We'll send you a confirmation that the deposit has been set up and will contact you before your investment matures. For amounts higher than $1 million, you’ll need to contact us - send us a secure mail, call us on 0800 113 355 or visit your nearest Kiwibank.

How do I change my maturity instructions?

When the term is up, you can set it up so your original deposit and the interest you’ve earned is automatically reinvested, or you can have it all paid out into your chosen bank account. If you haven't already set your interest to pay out during the term, you can change your instructions about what you'd like to do in the mobile app.

  1. Select the 'Term Deposit' on the 'Accounts' page
  2. Click the 'Detail' tab
  3. Select 'Change maturity details'
  4. You'll have the following options:
    1. change to pay out the interest at maturity to a New Zealand dollar bank account
    2. change to pay out the full Term Deposit at maturity to a New Zealand dollar bank account
    3. reinvest the Term Deposit with or without the interest previous terms interest by choosing the term you want to reinvest it at.

If you choose to reinvest at maturity, the Term Deposit will reinvest for the selected term at the rate on the day of maturity.