Verify your identity using your smartphone

If you're new to Kiwibank, you can verify who you are by using ID Checker on your smartphone.

ID Checker saves you time

There’s no app to download and no need to go into a Kiwibank branch to verify your identity.

When you can use ID Checker:

  • To join Kiwibank online
  • When applying for a credit card
  • If a Kiwibank staff member sends you the ID Checker text.

To use ID Checker, you need:

  • To live at a New Zealand residential address
  • A smartphone
  • A current New Zealand passport or driver licence.

How it works

If you’ve chosen to verify your identity using ID Checker:

  1. You'll receive a text - from 8179 - with a link to ID Checker within one business day*.
  2. Click the link in the text message and make sure you have your New Zealand passport or driver licence handy.
  3. ID Checker will walk you through the steps - capturing your ID document, entering your address and using the camera on your phone to take a selfie.

After you’ve finished, we'll let you know if you've been successfully verified.

If you don't receive a text message from 8179 within one business day, you'll need to contact us. Call us on 0800 113 355 and we’ll send you a new text message with a link to ID Checker.

Usually ID Checker is all you’ll need to confirm your identity. Sometimes there are exceptions where we’ll need you to provide more details. If we do require more details from you after you've completed ID Checker, we'll contact you directly.

*It may take longer if you're applying for a credit card.

How to use ID Checker

Download our How to use ID Checker guide for step-by-step instructions.