With the largest physical network of banking services in Aotearoa, we have branches located throughout New Zealand with a great range of specialists to help you with your banking needs. We also partner with retail businesses to provide a select range of banking services in more locations through our Local for Kiwibank network.

Visiting a branch

Use our handy branch & ATM finder to find your nearest branch location and check opening hours.

You can use our mobile app and internet banking where possible to bank online. See our support guides for help. If you'd like to join Kiwibank and open an account, we recommend using our quick and easy online tool or call us on 0800 113 355.

Branch staff

Services available in branch

During our branch opening hours, you’ll be able to do the usual over the counter services as well as meet with our banking specialists. You can make appointments with our banking specialists by calling 0800 113 355. Outside of the regular opening hours, you’ll still see our people in the branch working with customers from all around the country over the phone, in our digital channels or undertaking in-person or virtual appointments. Here's a full list of our services, which may vary slightly based on the branch:

  • Home loan and business banking appointments with one of our specialists
  • Verify your identity for opening new accounts (this can also be done online)
  • Set up internet banking
  • Set up / change PIN on Visa Debit, EFTPOS and credit cards
  • Card maintenance on Visa Debit, EFTPOS, and credit cards - you can also do the following using our mobile app:
    • Order a new card or stop/replace a card
    • Change the account your Visa Debit Card links to
  • Print transaction history / download bank statements
  • Use a smart ATM to deposit / withdraw funds
  • We can put you in touch with the right specialists to help with insurance and KiwiSaver queries
  • General account maintenance and funds transfers between your accounts
  • Update your personal details e.g. updating your contact details, tax details or overseas tax details - you can also do this via internet banking or our mobile app.