We’ve got ATMs located around the country providing you with a range of services. These are a mixture of smart ATMs for secure cash deposits on the go, as well as standard ATMs for everyday services like making cash withdrawals or checking your balance.

ATM network changes

What's changing

As part of our exciting multi-year programme of transforming our products, services and technology, we have strengthened our 10+ year partnership with NCR Atleos to take over the ownership and operations of our ATM network. NCR Atleos is the leader in ATM technology and operate Allpoint branded ATMs in New Zealand.

What this change means for you

All ATMs located at our Kiwibank branches will remain branded as Kiwibank, while the rest will transition to Allpoint branding. Although the ATMs will look different, you'll still be able to access all the same features you currently have today as well as continuing to enjoy fee-free ATM transactions.

The transition to Allpoint branded ATMs is now underway and is planned to be completed by July 2024.

Here's what you can do at all ATMs in the network:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Check your balance
  • Print short statements and receipts
  • Audio enhanced, allowing those with vision and reading difficulties to plug in a headset and listen to prompts.

In addition to the services above, Smart ATMs and those with Allpoint+ branding offer:

  • Cash deposits

All Kiwibank branded ATMs offer funds transfer between accounts.

Staff at ATM with Customer Wide Shot