This page is for customers who have a home loan arranged by The New Zealand Home Loan Company Limited (NZHL) on behalf of New Zealand Home Lending Limited. Your home loan provider is New Zealand Home Lending Limited who is an agent of Kiwibank Limited.

Interest rates


Special interest rate1

If you've got more than 20% equity

Standard interest rate

If you've got less than 20% equity

6 month fixed

1 year fixed

2 year fixed

3 year fixed

4 year fixed

5 year fixed

Floating: non-transactional portion2

Floating: transactional portion2

Displayed interest rates are subject to change.

1For fixed First Home Loans with less than 10% equity, a 0.25% p.a. premium will apply and will be added to the special interest rate.

2For all bridging loans, the interest rate will be 1% p.a. above NZHL's floating interest rate.

A default interest rate, which is your current interest rate plus 5% p.a. may be charged on each amount that is either overdue or over the limit of your home loan component or portion.

New Zealand Home Lending Limited’s lending criteria, terms and conditions, and fees apply.

Changes to NZHL Home Loan Terms and Conditions

We’re updating the NZHL Home Loan Terms and Conditions. The change is effective from 1 June 2021.

Summary of change

We’re replacing Section 2 – “When can your home loan documents change?” with the following wording:

“Your home loan agreement and these terms give us the right to make specific changes to your home loan agreement.

In addition, we can change your home loan agreement, these terms and our fees and limits brochure at any time, but we must give at least 14 days' notice before you are bound by the change.

Our general terms explain how those terms and conditions can be changed. “

The words in bold have a specific meaning. You can find out the meaning of these words in the NZHL Home Loan Terms and Conditions.

The change makes it easier for us to roll out new and improved documents. While the change gives us a broader right to make changes, we’ll continue to treat you fairly and not use this right in an unreasonable manner.

Download a copy of the updated NZHL Home Loan Terms and Conditions (PDF 245.1 KB) effective from 1 June 2021.

Documents and forms

NZHL home loan documents

NZHL Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 92.8 KB) – effective 1 December 2020

NZHL General Terms and Conditions (PDF 371.2 KB) – effective 1 December 2020

Home Loan Terms and Conditions (PDF 245.1 KB) – effective 1 June 2021

Mortgage Terms & Conditions (PDF 119.9 KB) – effective 31 March 2018

Sample - NZHL Home Loan Agreement (PDF 202.6 KB)

Sample - NZHL Deposit Assistance Home Loan Agreement including Terms and Conditions (PDF 496.2 KB)

Previous documents

Fees and Limits

Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 151.3 KB) – effective March 2020

Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 84.9 KB) – effective December 2019

Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 85.3 KB) – effective December 2018

Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 85.4 KB) – effective October 2018

Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 82.0 KB) – effective March 2018

Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 82.8 KB) – effective September 2017

Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 68.9 KB) – effective April 2016

Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 66.8 KB) – effective June 2015

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (PDF 215.6 KB) – effective March 2020

General Terms and Conditions (PDF 156.1 KB) – effective October 2019

General Terms and Conditions (PDF 236.3 KB) – effective July 2018

General Terms and Conditions (PDF 237.4 KB) – effective August 2017

General Terms and Conditions (PDF 129.7 KB) – effective June 2015

Home Loan Terms and Conditions

Home Loan Terms and Conditions (PDF 190.8 KB) – effective December 2018

Home Loan Terms and Conditions (PDF 167.6 KB) – effective July 2017

Home Loan Terms and Conditions (PDF 138.2 KB) – effective June 2015

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