NZHL Home Loans

Interest rates


Special interest rate1

If you've got more than 20% equity

Standard interest rate

If you've got less than 20% equity

6 month fixed

1 year fixed

2 year fixed

3 year fixed

4 year fixed

5 year fixed

Floating: non-transactional portion2

Floating: transactional portion2

1For fixed First Home Loans with less than 10% equity, a 0.25% p.a. premium will apply and will be added to the special interest rate.

2For all bridging loans, the interest rate will be 1% p.a. above NZHL's floating interest rate.

A default interest rate, which is your current interest rate plus 5% p.a. may be charged on each amount that is either overdue or over the limit of your home loan component or portion.