Do it all online

Do everything you usually do with your bank – and enjoy doing it. It’s the extra stuff that makes it special – talk to your personal Online Relationship Manager, rename your accounts to whatever you want (“Don’t spend this!”), or hide them from yourself completely (if you did anyway).

Copy and paste new account numbers – and save them for free so you can pay them again. Set a frequency with your payment to turn it into an automatic payment. Order a new card and put a PIN on it, make international payments, open new accounts or investments and apply for credit or loans.

Register for internet banking – call us on 0800 11 33 55, or visit your local Kiwibank

Your own online relationship manager

Your Online Relationship Manager lives in your internet banking – you can ask them anything and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Every Kiwibank personal banking customer will have one soon – all you have to do is be registered for internet banking.

They might also help you out from time to time with suggestions or special offers tailored just for you – they’re constantly looking for ways to save you time and money. And if they can’t answer a question directly, they’ll set you up with the person who can.

John, we’d like to change our home loan payments. Can you put our repayments up to $950, starting from the next payment? Thanks!
Hi Graham, no problem - I’ve increased your fortnightly loan repayments, starting from next week.

Don’t have an online relationship manager yet?

You can get an Online Relationship Manager by downloading the app or by calling the Call Centre. All you need to provide us is your access number and we’ll bump you to the top of the queue.

Online statement vault

Electronic statements are as valid as paper statements. They’re also more secure inside your internet banking than they are on your coffee table.

You’ll find all your statements in the statement vault under ‘Settings’ in internet banking. You can choose to grab them when you need them, or have them emailed to you as they come out (or, if you hate trees, we can still post them out to you).


We guarantee to reimburse any money taken from your Kiwibank accounts if you’re the victim of internet banking fraud – as long as you use KeepSafe and follow our common sense security precautions

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@nikz I always find @KiwibankNZ service to be super fast, correct and complete. @KiwibankNZ FTW!
Made the switch to kiwibank and am loving it, kiwibank made it so easy and did all the hard work of moving over payments etc for me thanks heaps kiwibank :)

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