How it works

You can choose to have us alert you by text or email (or both!) when:

  • your account balance falls under a set limit
  • you receive deposits over a certain amount
  • a regular automatic payment can’t be paid - usually because there isn’t enough money in your account. We’ll try the payment again the next business night, so this alert gives you a chance to transfer some money and avoid a dishonour fee. You’ll also get this alert if a scheduled one-off payment fails
  • a regular automatic payment or a scheduled one-off payment dishonours after failing for the second consecutive time
  • a direct debit fails because there isn’t enough money in your account.

Get started

Set it up under ‘settings’ in internet banking. You can set up as many alerts on as many accounts as you like - they’re available on all accounts except credit cards, KiwiSaver and personal loans.

Alerts are sent around 9am the day after the alert is triggered.

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Alerts are not available on all accounts.