Manage your finances using heaps!

heaps! is a personal financial management service brought to you by Kiwibank. It's free for you to use and will help you track and categorise your spend, set spending targets and set and manage financial goals.

  • How does heaps! work?

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    heaps! is an online service that helps you manage your money and get more out of life! Find out how it works.

  • Fraser Kennedy talks about heaps!

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    heaps! is helping Fraser Kennedy to spend smarter, budget, build up regular savings and stay on track to buying a house for the family.

  • Kyle Bluck talks about heaps!

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    Meet Kyle Bluck, a Massey University student, who’s using heaps! to help him save up for a trip overseas.

  • Scott Miller talks about heaps!

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    Scott Miller uses heaps! to help him go climbing the Southern Alps more often and save for his dream climb in Ecuador.


  • Categorise your spending — heaps! pulls together your transactions from across your Kiwibank accounts and helps you to sort them into categories, so you can see what you've been spending your money on!
  • Set spending targets — With your spending categorised, you can see how much you actually spend on each category, and then set realistic spending targets.
  • Set and manage goals — Most of us have goals, like paying off the credit card or saving for a deposit on a house. With heaps! you can set these goals up, tie them to your budget and then track your progress towards reaching them.

How do I get heaps!?

If you're a Kiwibank customer, log into internet banking, go to Apply & Open and select heaps! under Personal finance management to sign up.

Apply and open

Once you sign up, we'll transfer your transaction data into heaps!. You can then use it to quickly and easily categorise your transactions, set a budget and set up goals.

After I've registered for heaps! how do I log in?

You'll access heaps! through internet banking using the heaps! button from the Settings page (just scroll down and look under Services).