Multi-policy discount

Get a multi-policy discount if you take out two or more house, contents or car insurance policies that are arranged through Kiwibank.

Here's how it works

  1. You'll be entitled to the multi-policy discount when you, or you and your spouse/partner, have two or more house, contents or car insurance policies that are arranged through Kiwibank.
  2. The multi-policy discount applies to the house, contents and car premiums only; it doesn't apply to levies or GST.
  3. The multi-policy discount applies once the period of insurance for two or more policies overlap and where the new policy isn't a replacement of an existing policy. The multi-policy discount will be effective from the start date of the new policy.
  4. If you no longer have two or more policies, you'll no longer be entitled to the multi-policy discount. The insurance provider* may remove the discount from the remaining policy, effective from the next payment or the next annual review.
  5. The multi-policy discounts are currently: up to 10% for house and contents policies and up to 14% for car policies. These discount levels may be subject to change.
  6. Each item you insure has a minimum premium threshold. This is the lowest premium that can be charged for that item (‘minimum premium’). The multi-policy discount won't reduce a premium below the minimum premium.
  7. The insurance provider* has the right to remove a multi-policy discount from a policy that's not entitled to the discount. This includes where the discount has been added during the sales process, but there's no entitlement to it.
  8. The insurance provider* will take reasonable steps to ensure the multi-policy discount is applied to all policies that are entitled to it. If the multi-policy discount has been applied it will be shown on your policy schedule. If you think you may be entitled to the multi-policy discount but haven't received it, please check your insurance schedules and then call the team on 0800 222 491 so we can ensure you receive the discount if you're eligible.